Air Cooler or Air Conditioner which is best for health?

You might get confused about choosing the right appliance air cooler or air conditioner. Both have their own benefits along with the defects.

Well, I am going to demonstrate the clear-cut view of both the appliances by comparing them with various factors.

ac vs cooler
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And, At the end of the content discussion, I am sure that you will get to know which is best for health? well, without any further will move into our topic.

Air cooler vs Air conditioner which is best

1. Cost-effectiveness

Before purchasing any home or kitchen or electrical appliance every one will look into it, i.e budget. Most probably we thought, Rich, will afford an air conditioner (AC) while the poor only go with an Air cooler.

Well, it is right because the price range of an air cooler starts from just 3000 INR but, AC’s starting at 25000 INR. So, It is not possible for all to afford that much money to purchase an air conditioner.

Also, purchasing an air cooler is a one-time cost. It means there is no additional equipment were required and no installation too. We just have to connect the plug to the socket and turning the power on.

But, Air conditioners require additional equipment like an outdoor unit stand, stabilizer, MCB, Additional wires, and an installation too. So, Totally an extra amount will be charged.

“Finally, I can say that, Air conditioners are expensive while compared to air coolers”

2. Working

You need to fill the cooler with buckets of water before using it. If the tank capacity of an air cooler is more then you need to spend some energy to fill it and even you may get tired of filling the cooler. Also, It would be better if you fill with help of a water pipe and easier too.

Actually, what happens means- there will be Honey Comb pads on each side of the cooler, and water will flow through the pads and makes pads cool. When the cooler starts, the evaporated air will come through these cooling pads and results in cool air.

While coming to an AC, No need to spend any energy you just have to turn on AC and operate with the remote.

Although there are some remote control air coolers but as usual you have to fill those with buckets of water.

An air conditioner will absorb hot air which is inside the room and with the help of a refrigerant it gives cool air. Like, It will circulate the air internally until it attains the desired temperature.

“Here an air cooler requires water to work but we have to fill water whereas an air conditioner doesn’t require any water and just setting the temperature using a remote is enough to make it work “

3. Power consumption

It is also one of the prime factors that everyone will look into while purchasing an appliance. Well, without any doubt AC will consume more power but it gives immense pleasure too.

Well, Now a lot of air conditioners were manufactured with more smart features like bacteria filters, power-saving modes, Inverter AC’s, etc.

But, One can reduce AC power consumption by following some tips like maintaining constant temperature, using power-saving modes, etc.

Air coolers will not consume that much power if compared to air conditioners. The only thing is filling water to it and switching it on.

“Since an AC works effectively thus it consumes more power while compared to an air cooler”

4. Portability

An air conditioner is not portable since it is mounted to the wall. But, an air cooler is highly portable since it is provided with castor wheels for easier moving from one room to another room.

Well, It is not such a mandatory factor to take into our account because mostly ceiling fans were used in halls and bedrooms too.

Most probably air conditioners were only used in our bed rooms but in halls, central ac is an option.

So, the air cooler requires all windows must open in our room to give a cool breeze and control humidity. So, mostly air coolers were used outdoors & halls.

“I can say that, If you still count portability then you can have a look at portable air conditioners (AC). But, portable ac works equally with an air cooler. The only benefit is it doesn’t require water filling whereas General air cooler is super portable.”

5. Health Issues

Both will cause- You have to take care of water in air cooler tank because, If water still stood in a tank for more than 3 days then, bacteria will be developed in the tank and you might absorb harmful and unfiltered air while cooler running.

In an Air conditioner artificial refrigerants, gases, CFCs were used for cooling. But, nowadays they are using environment-friendly refrigerants like R-32 to avoid health issues.

Air coolers are also coming with bacterial filters but AC’s having internal filter to avoid bacterial air.

“So, Air conditioners are health friendly while compared to air coolers.”

using them limited is the best solution for the both to avoid health issues.

AC vs Cooler difference

Air ConditionerAir Cooler
Additional equipment, materials requiredNo additional cables or wires required
High power consumption Low power consumption
health issues littleLow health issues (but a bit high while compared to AC)
Not portablePortable can easily move with the help of castor wheels
Not Environment Friendly (CFCs & Gases)Environment Friendly
Installation RequiredNo Installation, Just plug and use
No need for any human intervention We have to fill up the tank with water
High cost for repairsLow cost for repairs
Service required for every year No service required, We have to clean the tank
It doesn’t occupy any ground spaceGround space is needed
The room must be closed and no leakageThe room must be opened

Bottom Line

Now, I hope you are well aware of an air conditioner and an air cooler. If you seriously wanna spend some money then choose the best air conditioner else just go with an air cooler. But keep in mind that, Air cooler requires daily cleaning and filling water before use whereas air conditioner- have to manage with the electricity bill.

But, Air cooler is affordable and if you are looking for the safety & much instant pleasure Air conditioners would be the best choice.

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