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AO Smith water heater (Geyser) is the best geyser brand in India?

A.O Smith Geyser

Guys, I already wrote much information regarding the best geysers in India 2022. And, If you are still in a confusion to choose the best geyser in India then this would be the right article you should get into.

But, Undoubtedly A.O Smith Geyser is the best geyser in India 2022. I will dig in depth to make this more clear to you. But, before that, I just want to suggest you guys to get some minimum knowledge on choosing the right geyser for your bathroom.

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Alright, We are good enough to dive in depth…

To tell that any geyser is the best it should qualify few factors must. Here the top 5 factors that you are look into while purchasing the geyser for your bathroom.

But, I am going to consider A.O smith water heater as an example and will try to give more information (review) regarding it.

Features you must consider when purchasing the best geyser in India 2022

1. Inner Tank Material

So, the inner tank of the geyser is made using three types of materials such as steel, copper, and glasslined. In these, Glasslined material gives the performance. It is well suitable for the high rise buildings or apartments.

Also, It doesn’t get rust soon which means highly anti-corrosive geyser tank. In A.O Smith geyser, Glasslined material is used to manufacture the tank. So, the geyser is durable for years for sure.

2. Heating Element

The best heating elements are copper and glasslined coated. Both are good conductors of heat. As we saw before that, Glasslined material won’t carry rust soon. Also, copper is one of the best conductor of heat.

In A.O Smith The glasslined coated material is used. So, Both the heating and life of the geyser is ultimately superior.

3. Body Material

While coming to the body material, There are two types:

Metal and plastic. A.O Smith geyser is built with plastic. But, plastic is on the peak while compared to the metal.

As we know the metal will undergo corrosion after some years. It may be months too, but clearly depends up on the usage of the geyser.

It is not just a basic plastic, It is ABS plastic which is too hard and sturdy to maintain the high heating temperature. So, the body doesn’t undergo rust at any time.

4. Star Rating

It is one of the prime feature which is in directly proportional to the electricity bill. If the star rating is high then the electricity bill will be low else it will touch the sky during winters.

Because, mostly geysers are used in winter seasons and rainy seasons. So, due to the over usage your power bill will rise to the unexpected. So, Along with the geyser features one should aware of the star rating given by the BEE.

This A.O Smith geyser comes up with 5 star. So, in a nutshell, it minimizes the power bill for sure.

5. Anode Rod Material

The main function of the anode rod in the geyser is to filter the water. It means, the impurities and salts present in the water will be stick to the anode rod in the geyser.

It must be made of magnesium and the same is in A.O Smith. So, there are no more worries regarding the internal anode rod too.


So, Finally the warranty period is also quite satisfying, 7 years on inner tank and 3 years on heating element. But the only concern is the cost. A.O. Smith geyser is expensive but for sure it is price worthy. One can purchase it for low price during amazon sales.

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Additional features like temperature control, safety valve, glass lining boosts it to the prime position in geysers era. So, A.O smith geyser water heater is the best geyser in India 2022.



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