Apple AirPods Max Initial Review – Price Expensive & Design Impressive


Apple AirPods Max- Apple introduced a sudden surprise in their headphones category i.e; over-ear, wireless, noise-canceling Apple Headphones called AirPods Max. The product is available in 5 variants (colors) such as silver, space grey, sky blue, pink, and green.

It is designed with Unique & Modern features that exactly help us to bloom in an ultimate listening experience with a stunning design and a perfect active noise cancellation.

Instead of calling AirPods, It would be better if headpods. Because the look is completely different and it is quite similar to headphones and not the pods. The entire design is modern with an aviation look.

Without any intimation, Apple launched this Apple AirPods Max on their official website. As we all know that all the apple products will be expensive. Here the same thing happens, the Apple AirPods Max cost is expensive. It would be charged around 550 USD.

What’s In The Box:

Apple AirPods Max Box :

The items in the box are paperwork, Charger-Lightening USB-C type Cable, Smart case, and the AirPod Max. There are no Apple stickers.

It will take 2 hours to charge fully. But, with just 5 minutes of charge, One can listen for up to one and a half hours. But these do can have a battery life of 20 hours. They come in the smart case with the two cups protected for the cushions. Here the beauty of the smart case. If you keep AirPods in it then eventually they are going to go into ultra low power mode and if not to use case they will go to low power mode but, they take a much longer time. So, It would be better if they give a power button. But, They used smart technology so it is named a smart case. The case shuts with the magnet and looks like a purse.

Entire Look & Technology Used:

The headphone look is much premium and comfortable. We can even customize the cushions but the price may get incremented. Another interesting feature of it is magnetic cushion locking.

It means that one can easily remove the cushions and attach them to the body again in seconds. Due to the presence of various colors one can wear according to their dressing style or according to their mood.

Here, The top of the AirPod Max is covered with a stainless steel frame and the material is a soft touch. A lightweight mesh is given at the top of the frame to reduce the weight over the head.

The smooth revolutionary technology feature helps you to adjust the AirPod up and down. There are no conventional clicks but this feature is an excellent one.

And Coming to Cups, they are made by using a material called anodized aluminum. Cups come up with a classy surface. I can say that the shape of cups is round rectangular which is like aviation type. We rotate them individually for the perfect fit and the pressure.

It would be more good if they place the Apple Logo on either side of the cups.

What do you guys think? Comment below…

And Coming to Cushions, they are made by using acoustic foam and also we can find the embroidery design in it. Basically, we can see R and L symbols/indicators were placed at the top of the cups. But here you can clearly observe them in an embroidery design inside the cup.

I already said that Cushions are magnetically detachable. This is really helpful for cleaning, wear, and tear of color cushions. very easy to attach the different color cushions. you can purchase the cushions separately on their website itself.

And Coming to Controls, Controls are on the right-hand side. We had a digital crown. Generally, we can found this on the Apple watch. Here, they introduced newly to ease off use.

A smooth rotatory crown functions-

  • Pressing is gonna play or pause or answer a call
  • And Pressing twice is gonna skip a track
  • pressing three times is gonna go back a track
  • If you press and hold you can activate Siri
  • Or you can also activate Siri by saying, Hey Siri !!

Also, On top, you can find another button that helps you to switch between Noise cancellation and transparency mode, and on the bottom, we have the lightning port.

Hmmm, This is the complete detailed view of the hardware.

H1 chips are present in both the cups that actually help to establish seamless connectivity when they are close to the iPhone.

apple airpods max review

A Few More things about Apple AirPods Max:

We do have a 40 mm dynamic driver and we have computational audio. So, the AirPods Max contains a total of 9 microphones.

  • Three outward facing on both the cups
  • One inward-facing on both the cups
  • And, one for your voice

One can experience the difference between transparency and noise cancellation easily. We can easily switch over with a single button. You can also find an excellent Noise Cancellation feature on AirPods Pro. But most probably you can get a better experience of noise cancellation with AirPods Max. Because your ears would cover the cushions which help to spread the music or sound evenly.

And the common feature, if you lift the AirPods then music will get paused and revert back then, Music will continue to play.

Another interesting feature present in it is Spatial Audio. If your device and the playing scene is compatible with the AirPods Max then, It will surely give an immersive experience. I think it’s quite similar to Dolby Atmos. You can hear the 3 dimensional sound.

Here the specs of Apple Airpods Max:

Apple AirPods Max Specifications
Name AirPods Max
Color Pink, Green, Silver, Space Grey, Sky Blue
Audio Technology Dynamic Driver, Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency, EQ, Spatial Modes
Sensors Optical, Position, Case-detect, Accelerometer & Gyroscope sensors
Microphones 9 Present
Chip H1 Headphone Chip on both Cups
Controls Digital Crown and Noise Cancellation Button
Weight 384 Grams including cushions
Smart case weight 134.5 Grams
Battery 20 hours if fully charged, 5 mins charged- 1 hour 30 mins back up
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Included Components Documents, AirPods Max, Lightning Cable, Smart Case
Price  View At Amazon


Finally, I can conclude that Apple AirPods Max is a premium headphone with an outstanding audio experience. But, the price is expensive. We already know well that Apple products cost high.

What We Like:

 An Excellent Classic Design

 Light-Weight overhead

 Spatial, Noise Cancellation, Transparency Sound Modes

 Ease To Clean because, detachable Cushions

What We Hate:


  We can not fold


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