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What is a Menstrual Cup? Alternatives to Pads & Tampon

Periods, Periods, Periods !! They are Natural !! #say yes to a happy period. The menstrual cup is the best alternative to a sanitary pad...

How to increase laptop performance for gaming

No matter how huge you are invested in your gaming laptop, You should maintain it well to overcome the FPS drop issues, game lagging,...

Best 1 TB Hard disk for Laptop 2022

You must know the value of having an external hard disk for your laptop. You may be given with internal hard disk along with...

Which type of yoga mat is best in India 2022?

The term YOGA is most familiar to the Indian people. Different types of yoga mats are available in the Indian market and are designed...

Best Laptop Accessories For Students 2022

During the lockdown, students are habituated to attending classes online via smartphones and laptops. A lot of learning platforms and video conferencing/communication applications were...

Which type of exhaust fan is best for kitchen?

Have you ever felt irritated in the kitchen while cooking some hard dishes? I know it is a big yes!! Well, Some of the...

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide India 2022

A few factors you should look into while buying the best ceiling fan in India. It is completely useless if any mandatory factor is...

Best Ceiling Fan in India 2022

Buying a ceiling fan in India is not complicated, but you must consider some essential factors like air delivery, fan blade size, power consumption,...

Best Water Dispenser In India 2022

Are you aware of the term Water Dispenser? Let me introduce it in a polite way. Just imagine the situation when you roam in...

Best Iron Table In India 2022

To impress your girlfriend, you should maintain a clean and proper outfit. Not only for your dream girl but also for the official venues...