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Best Horizontal Geyser in India 2022

Horizontal geyser water heaters are mostly installed in false ceilings. Well, there are a few geyser types and I wrote detailed stuff regarding geysers....
water purifier best

Which water purifier is good for health

There are several types of water purifiers in India but which water purifier is good for health? Water purifier is one of the efficient...

Which type of Geyser is best for bathroom

Not all Geysers suits for bathrooms, but which geyser is best for bathroom? One can select the right geyser easily by looking into a...
laptop under 30000 in India

Best Laptop under 30000 in India

If you are willing to purchase a budget-friendly and the best laptop under 30000 Rs. You are in the right place. Considering the prime...
ac vs cooler

Air Cooler or Air Conditioner which is best for health?

You might get confused about choosing the right appliance air cooler or air conditioner. Both have their own benefits along with the defects. Well,...

Laptop specs for students 2021

The best laptop for college students is affordable and it's not that much expensive. But, we have to ensure the required features before purchasing...
reduce heat in our body thumbnail

How to reduce heat in our body (Pitta Dosha)

We can reduce heat in our body by following simple methods without using any medicare. Do you get pimples heavy? sudden hair loss, acidity,...
split ac cleaning tips

How to clean split ac indoor unit

No need to call an AC technician to clean split ac because it doesn't even require an ac cleaning kit too. It means you...

How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Removing pesticides from fruits and vegetables are quite easy but, a regular method like washing under tap water is not the solution for it....

How to remove smell from fridge naturally

Have you ever observed a bad smell from the refrigerator when you opened it eagerly to eat something? Yes you are, right !! Even...