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split ac cleaning tips

How to clean split ac indoor unit

No need to call an AC technician to clean split ac because it doesn't even require an ac cleaning kit too. It means you...

How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Removing pesticides from fruits and vegetables are quite easy but, a regular method like washing under tap water is not the solution for it....

How to remove smell from fridge naturally

Have you ever observed a bad smell from the refrigerator when you opened it eagerly to eat something? Yes you are, right !! Even...
how electric geyser works

How does electric geyser work

Electric geyser working is quite easy to understand. During winter, The most purchasable appliance is a geyser. Various types of geysers like storage geyser,...

Inverter AC vs Non Inverter AC

Currently, there are a lot of new appliances are evolved in the market with the latest technologies. Also, If you ever think that which...

Best Dishwasher For Indian Cooking 2021

If you are looking to buy the best dishwasher for Indian Cooking then you are reading the right one. But which is the best...

Best Quality BLDC Ceiling Fan In India 2022

Stop using your old fans and purchase the best bldc ceiling fan. BLDC fans are energy-efficient and they are also called super fans. BLDC...

What is BLDC Fan Technology and How BLDC Works?

The fan is the most common appliance that is used in every home. Without this appliance, we can't survive during summer. Well, What is...

Is water leaking from Air Conditioner (AC) Indoor Unit Dangerous?

You might get this question in your mind "Can we use AC when water is leaking?" if you are really got this issue with...

5 Tips to reduce AC (Air Conditioner) power consumption

How to reduce power consumption in AC? This question must arise in your mind if you are using AC new. Am I right? During...