Best 1 TB Hard disk for Laptop 2022


You must know the value of having an external hard disk for your laptop. You may be given with internal hard disk along with an SSD but, It is always the best choice for maintaining the external hard disk of at least 1TB for your laptop. As we know, a Hard disk is a storage device that allows us to store data and the data may be images, music, documents, or video files.

external hard disk in India 2022
Best 1 TB hard disk in India 2022

We don’t know when the system goes down or when the physical or internal hardware will damage. So, One must back up their important files on an external hard disk. An external hard disk allows you to back up and retrieve the data whenever you are in need. There are several storage sizes of external hard disks are available in the Indian market. One can purchase the best hard disk in India as per their requirement.

The price of an external hard disk may vary as per size (storage capacity). Some of the best external hard disk brands in India are Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Transcend, and Adata. Buying the best and most reliable hard disk will protect your data for years. Also, these external hard disks are highly portable, very light in weight, and pocket friendly.

However, there are other storage devices (Pendrives, DVDs) to back up the data. But they are not as protective as hard disks. Nowadays, cloud storage is vastly populated. People are started storing their data in the cloud. But, Having data in your hand within the physical device is always protective.

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Best 1 TB Hard disk in India 2022

Best 1 TB hard disk brandsRating Buy Now
Seagate Expansion 1TB External HDD4.4 (1,27,763 ratings) Buy At Amazon
Western Digital WD Elements USB 3.0 1TB Portable External Hard Drive4.4 (21,488 ratings)Buy At Amazon
Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External HDD4.4 (4,702 ratings)Buy At Amazon
Transcend TS1TSJ25M3S StoreJet 1TB Portable External Hard Drive 4.6 (3,352 ratings)Buy At Amazon
Adata HD650 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive4.3 (2,973 ratings)Buy At Amazon

1. Seagate Expansion 1TB External HDD

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seagate hard disk 1 tb
Seagate Hard disk 1 TB

Seagate external hard disk is the top-rated & reviewed hard disk in India. Absolutely, it is the best pick for those who are looking to back up their data in a protective external hard disk. The best part with this hard disk is, They are offering 3 years of free data recovery services. You can use this hard disk for both laptops and computers. There is no further software installation to recognize this hard disk when we connect to the laptop or PC. Automatically, it will be recognized and the only thing is you need to drag and drop the data to back up. The built material of the Seagate hard disk is a bit sad. But, the design doesn’t matter, Performance matters !!

It works on both operating systems like Windows and Mac. Before using the hard disk, check it once with the hard disk-checking software to ensure that the device is working fine. You will get the connecting wire known as cable, inside the pack. 3 years of warranty will assist you in replacing the disk or recovering the data. Seagate external hard disk is compact.

The seagate 1 TB hard disk has blue LED line to represent the status of disk. 

2. Western Digital WD Elements USB 3.0 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

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WD 1 tb hard disk
WD 1 TB Hard Disk

WD 1 TB hard disk is compatible with Xbox and ps4 along with the laptop and computer. You can purchase this hard disk with a maximum storage capacity of 5 TB. Like the Seagate, It is also a highly portable external hard disk. Also, it can be connected with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports to ensure maximum data transfer rate. Western Digital hard disk is originated from Thailand and meant to launch for its high-speed data transfers. Mostly, data transfer speed also depends on the type of data we are transferring. Because speed may vary for different extension types. However, it gives the best speed rate as an output for its price.

After the Seagate hard disk, This WD hard disk is highly rated on Amazon. The quality of the hard disk might be enhanced a little bit, but it is worth buying for its price and performance. WD offers 3 years of warranty. But, Seagate offers recovery services instead. A Small LED notification light is also given for the indication.

You might be stuck in between these two hard disk brands, Yes? Seagate or Western Digital?

Here comes the answer for you, While comparing both Western Digital is well-reputed. Both, are good in terms of data transfer and warranties. There are only minute factors that made winning WD in a race.

Western Digital hard disk having a software named WD discovery that allows you to connect & link with your social accounts for back up. It is the best feature in it. 

3. Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External HDD

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Toshiba hard disk 1 tb
Toshiba 1 TB Hard Disk

Toshiba canvio 1 TB hard disk is manufactured in the Philippians. It offers 3 years of warranty and works fine with windows and mac. The best feature of it is it also supports Ubuntu operating system. The data transfer rate of this hard disk lies between 100 Mbps to 110 Mbps. It means, on average the transfer of 30 GB of data will take around 4 to 5 minutes.

You can even watch movies on your TV by connecting this external hard disk. Small indication light is placed on the corner of the hard disk. It is also super handy and light in weight. The best feature of it is, It is having an internal shock sensor that protects the data from corruption or damage. When the power input has fluctuated, this internal sensor comes into action and acts as a shield for data. It is only compatible with 3.2 USB connectivity. The connectivity cable will be given inside the package. One can purchase up to 4 TB of capacity and it is the maximum in this brand Toshiba.

Built in shock sensor is the best reasn to choose this hard disk. But, there is no huge difference in price. So, if you wanna neglect the feature called shock sensor, The best option is Westren Digital Hard Disk. 

4. Transcend TS1TSJ25M3S StoreJet 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

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Transcend hard disk 1 TB
Transcend 1 TB Hard Disk

You might hear this brand Transcend frequently. Transcend is one of the best brands in India that manufactures pen drives, card readers, modems, etc. Transcend 1 TB portable external hard disk is also come up with 3 years of product warranty. The best feature of this hard disk is a shockproof case.

You might feel some shock from the electrical appliance when they are switched on. For instance, you might get little earth from the CPU when the PC is turned on. So to prevent these issues, a shockproof case or cover will be used. This hard disk contains 3 levels of shockproof features such as military-grade shock resistance, a Silicon rubber case, and a reinforced protection case. Transcend External hard disk is available in two colors and also inbuilt recovery software will be installed to recover deleted photos, documents, or videos by mistake.

It can be connected with USB 3.1 and another best feature of this hard disk is a one-touch auto backup. But, the price is expensive due to the presence of more shockproof levels.

You can buy this transcend hard disk only if you wanna use the hard disk rough and tough. Since, it comes with more protected layers. in case the hard disk dropped at any chance, It won't get damaged. 

5. Adata HD650 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive

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Adata hard disk 1 TB
Adata 1 TB hard disk

This hard disk comes with a read speed of 90 Mbps. Adata is also one of the best brands in manufacturing computer/laptop accessories. The built material is solid and strong so it is scratch proof, dust proof, and also waterproof. You will get this hard disk for the best offer price on sale days. If there is an immediate need, don’t prefer buying this. Adata hard disk has three color variants such as red, black, and blue.

It is also a well-rated hard disk on Amazon. Since the connectivity is 3.0, the transfer rate of data is a little low compared to the above brands. Due to the usage of strong solid material in its manufacturing, the hard disk is durable for more years. It doesn’t come up with any data recovery software. Only prefer buying this, If you just wanna store and retrieve the data. Similar to the above, Adata also offers 3 years of warranty.

This is the low cost and best hard disk in India. You might get it for very affordable price on big billion sale days. 


Initially, the prime thing one should notice with the price of external hard disks. There is no vast price difference in between, So it is highly recommended to choose the one between Seagate or Western Digital hard disks. If you are too tight with the budget, then prefer the rest. Also, Store these hard disks in a dry place to avoid physical damage. And mostly, store it in a horizontal position to avoid disturbing the inbuilt data compartments. Hope this article is very fine to purchase the best 1 TB hard disk in India 2022. Feel free to leave a comment below if any, Thanks, and don’t forget to back up your crucial data on the best external hard disk.


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