Best BLDC Ceiling Fan In India 2022

Big thanks to the technology for making possible the invention of the best energy saving ceiling fans which is known as BLDC Ceiling Fans. These are really power saving, reliable, fast and also come up with the embedded light which gonna act as a bed light.

Stop using your old fans and purchase the best bldc ceiling fan. BLDC fans are energy-efficient and they are also called super fans. BLDC fans are come up with smart features, IoT enabled, and Remote control too.

One can also operate these best bldc fans using voice commands from Alexa and Google. The prime factor to replace your old fans with these brand new bldc fans is power consumption.

best bldc fan in India 2021
Best BLDC Ceiling Fans In India 2021

BLDC ceiling fan price is a bit expensive So, I can say that if you are seriously looking for a clean and elegant interior for your hall or a bedroom then BLDC fans will be the best.

Along with the look, BLDC Fan performance also great. Because, Brushless DC motor is used in it.

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List of the best (Energy Efficient) BLDC fan brands in India

atomberg28 wattsAluminium
Superfan35 wattsAluminium
Orient Electric45 wattsGlass Filled, ABS Plastic
USHA43 wattsABS Plastic
Crompton35 wattsABS Plastic

Top BLDC Ceiling Fan In India 2022

1. atomberg Renesa Smart + 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Amazon Price

atomberg renesa smart bldc fan
atomberg renesa smart bldc

It is one of the top bldc ceiling fans in India with all the necessary features. Atomberg is a popular brand for manufacturing bldc smart fans.

There will be a separate dedicated application to operate this fan. Also, you can run this fan using amazon Alexa and google home. You can even have a remote too.

The best feature in it is A simple speed indication lights on the fan board that acts as a bed light too. Smart features like boost, sleep, speed control, and timer mode.

If you started using this fan you can save your power bill up to 1500 INR per year. Coming to warranty, you can get 2 years of warranty and an additional 1 year also.

Inverter stabilization technology is built-in so, Fan will run continuously even if there are power fluctuations. Finally, you can install this fan in your bedroom, kitchen, and living room too.

Another prime feature of this atomberg fan is dust resistance. As per their manual instructions, Company wrote that this fan may not be covered with dust and it is a dust-resistant fan.

Atomberg Renesa smart +1200 mm is the best bldc fan in India. It is good in price, color and features too.


  • IoT enabled Ceiling Fan
  • Smart remote
  • Dust resistant
  • Powerful BLDC motor
  • Works with Google and Amazon Alexa


  • Not Suitable for Large Rooms

2. Superfan Super X1 Pink – 1200mm (48″) Super Energy Efficient 35W BLDC Ceiling Fan With Remote Control

Amazon Price

superfan bldc
Superfan super x1 pink

This is a 5 star rated bldc ceiling fan that comes with a wattage of 35 watts. Superfan is the first brand that released bldc ceiling fans in India also got patented.

The design is super classic and also available in 10 different colors. The bldc fan runs at normal speed and it doesn’t bother about the voltage fluctuations.

No power loss and no heat will be generated since the presence of the BLDC motor. Since it is the first and the best brand so, no worries about service centers.

5-speed variants and automatic timer functions for every 2 and 6 hours. There will be an S-shaped light in the middle of the fan. It indicates the selected speed.

These fans are not suitable with regulators so you have to bypass the regulator. Also, these bldc fans are available in different blade sizes. You can choose as per your room dimensions.


  • Low power consumption
  • Noiseless
  • S look light & speed indicator
  • 5-stars rated


  • If price reduced, It will be the best (Negligible)

3. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC motor Smart Ceiling Fan with IOT, Remote & Under light (Flame Gold)

Amazon Price

Orient smart fan
Orient Electric Aerosilm 1200mm BDLC smart fan

The top-class design really matches your interior walls and adds a perfect glance. This Orient Electric Aerosilm fan will convert your home into a beautiful palace.

Few colors are available but, this golden color will surely bring the golden environment to your hall or a room. It comes with a 3 blade and 5 different speeds.

Stable operation and can be operated with remote and an android app. Glossy finish really attracts guests. Some smart features like reverse rotation, sleep mode, breeze, turbo mode.

Aerodynamic blades will wipe air uniformly and Like the previous features. This fan also works with voice commands from google home and Amazon Alexa.

The brand 2 years of warranty will be given and it’s a bit weight. Higher efficiency and low power consumption.


  • Glossy look
  • All Smart Features
  • Low power consumption
  • Google & Alexa
  • 5 speed fan control


  • Expensive

4. USHA Heleous 1220mm Rust Free ABS Blades BLDC Ceiling Fan With RF Remote

Amazon Price

usha bldc fan
usha heleous bldc ceiling fan

It is a BLDC fan that comes with a bi-directional feature so it can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise. Also, a Silent operation exists in it. so that you can have a blessed full sleep with your partner.

Usha is also one of the famous brands in manufacturing home, kitchen, and electrical appliances. So, surely it will give the best performance.

A radiofrequency remote will help you to adjust the fan speed. 3 modes were present in it, Natural, sleep, and normal.

ABS plastic body fan blades were rust-free and it works for a longer time on the inverter. The glossy finish will really add some glance to your room architecture.

Safety additional wire is added to the fan because, if there is an issue with the fan motor and in case if it is separated from the pipe rod this wire will act as a protector.


  • Glossy look
  • dust and rust-free
  • rotates in both directions
  • easier remote control
  • 4 years of warranty


  • Expensive
  • IoT & Alexa are absent

5. Crompton Energion HS 1200 mm (48 inch) Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated High Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote

Amazon Price

crompton bldc fans
Crompton Energion bldc ceiling fan

This is the best energy-efficient bldc fan in Crompton. As per company norms, it saves power which results in 1500 INR. Also, the best feature in it is multi-pairing which means that you can operate multiple fans with a single remote.

You can even point remote in any direction, ActivBLDC technology is used in it. An intelligent memory function is present. It helps to remember the fan speed whenever you switched off and on again.

Sleeper time also exists, Along with these features speed of 370 RPM is really massive. But, while compared to the above fans this fan is quite low.

But, one can afford this fan due to the low price. You can not operate this fan with vocals or it doesn’t have any Alexa or IoT features. It’s just a Crompton energy-efficient bldc fan.

If your budget is low and interested to purchase a Crompton product then you can have a look at it.


  • budget friendly
  • high speed
  • 5 years of warranty
  • best in power saving
  • smart looking and easier in operation


  • Alexa absent
  • a bit noise but negligible


So, I can conclude that If you are looking to purchase ceiling fans for your new dream home, then just go with the BLDC Fans. I know that, they are expensive but you are going to purchase only once. Surely, there is a wide difference in power bill if we try comparing both BLDC and normal ceiling fan. I hope the above picks are good enough to choose the best bldc fan as per your requirement.

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