Best Gas Geyser In India

Gas geysers provide hot water instantly so that you can have a hassle-free warm bath in the mornings and evenings too. The price of the best gas geyser in India is affordable. Some of the popular gas geyser brands are Bajaj, V-Gaurd, LONGWAY, Kenstar, and Candes.

Gas Geysers for the bathroom doesn’t consume electricity only it needs gas. Even though they are harmful but taking the necessary precautions will lead to safe use. If you really looking to buy the best gas geyser in India, you are at the right place.

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Best gas geysers in India 2021

Just keep these points in your mind,

So, based on the present market reviews and ratings we listed the top gas geysers in India. Hey, you can also choose your own gas geyser water heater we highly appreciate your selections too. But, just take a look at our gas geyser buying guide for selecting the best gas geyser.

Best Gas Geyser In India 2021

BrandCapacity Style
Bajaj6-litresLPG & PNG
Kenstar6-litresLPG & PNG

List of the Top gas geyser water heater (LPG) in India

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 LTR Vertical Water Heater (LPG)

bajaj gas geyser
Bajaj Gas vertical water heater (LPG)

This is one of the best gas geysers in India that comes up with both LPG and PNG. We can also say this is the best PNG gas geyser in India. Bajaj is the finest brand in manufacturing electrical, home, and kitchen appliances.

Bajaj Duetto gas geyser capacity is 6 litres and also as per product description, they offer free installation. The outer body is made up of anti-corrosive material, So this geyser can be durable.

Also, It can heat the water up to 85 degrees Celsius. If heating of water exceeds the minimum temperature level it is having an auto cut off feature.

Copper is used for heat exchange, we know that copper is a good conductor of heat. So, water will heat faster. It is containing an oxygen depletion sensor and auto-ignition sensor which deals with auto heating water.

Some of the best features included in this gas geyser are a child lock, an Inlet water sensor, flame failure protection, and friendly control knobs on the dashboard.


  • 6 liters of storage
  • 85 degrees of maximum heat
  • Advanced sensors for extra protection
  • Anti-corrosive material is used
  • Auto cut off feature for saving
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Free Installation
  • LPG & PNG compatible


  • Accessories like regulators, batteries not provided in the box
Brand Bajaj
Capacity6 Litres
Material Powder-coated and Steel
Warranty2 Years

2. V-Guard 6 L Safeflo PRIME Gas HEATER

V-Guard gas geysers image
V-Guard gas geyser

This V-Gaurd gas geyser comes with a summer/winter burner selection that helps with water heating as per temperatures. Same copper is used as a heating element so water will heat in the low time period.

V-Guard 6 L Safeflo PRIME Gas HEATER also comes with the best features like a 20-minute gas flow cut off, Automated ignition system for the instant heating of water.

As per the user reviews and ratings, gas lasts up to 6 to 8 months if there is a count of 4 in a family. It is also suitable for multi-storied buildings.

The overheat protection feature along with the double solenoid valve feature results in extra protection of the geyser. So, this is the best V-Guard gas geyser in India.


  • Best gas geyser brand
  • Suitable for ultra low pressure application
  • Pressure Relief valve for protection
  • Double solenoid valve
  • 2 years warranty period


  • Inlet and Outlet pipes were not provided in the box
Brand V-Guard
Capacity6 Litres
Material powder coat on a steel body
Warranty2 Years

3. LONGWAY Decora 7 Litre Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser

longway gas geyser 7 litre pic
LONGWAY LPG instant water heater

This LPG gas geyser comes up with 7 litres of storage, it will be the best geyser if you are expecting more storage. It will heat water up to 95 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature exceeds the maximum then automatically geyser stops heating water with the help of the auto cut off feature and also due to the presence of a microprocessor electrical circuit geyser will work smoothly without causing any effects.

As usual heating element copper and the body is powder-coated, metal. So, durable for a long time without any formation of rust.

5 safety features are installed in this gas geyser timer, safety valve, etc. No proper information about the warranty, if needed you can consult customer care (8750593593) for more details.


  • 7 liters of storage
  • Metal body with powder coating
  • 95 degrees maximum heating
  • attractive looking geyser
  • safety features are also included in it


  • Not much compatible with hard water
Brand Longway
Capacity7 Litres
Material Glass and Metal
Warranty1 Year

4. Surya Digital Instant Gas Geyser

Surya digital gas geyser front pic
Surya Digital gas geyser

This is one of the best-LED gas geysers. The temperature will be displayed on the LED so that we can able to know the heating condition of water we can say that this is the best feature in it.

Surya digital gas geyser water heater comes up with 6 litres of storage which is quite enough for a family, coming to water heating due to the presence of a copper heating element, heating will be faster.

All safety features are included in it, Overheat protection sensor, oxygen depletion sensor, and more. Also, the body is made up of copper and steel. So there is no chance for rust.

No need for any electricity just batteries enough to function this gas geyser. Simply it is a price worthy gas geyser in India with an LED display.


  • LED display
  • 1 year of warranty
  • copper and steel build
  • Anti corrosive gas geyser
  • Safety sensors included


  • Not working with PNG
Brand Surya
Capacity6 Litres
Material Copper and Steel
Warranty1 Year

5. Candes gas geyser water heater

candes gas geyser picture
candes gas geyser water heater

This geyser is available in multi-colours, and it will come up with 7 litres of storage. Build materials are glass, copper and metal. So this is anti-corrosive.

The maximum heating capacity is 95 degrees Celsius. Advanced sensors and features are included in it along with the child lock feature.

You can go with this geyser but, if you spend a little you can get the best geyser from the above else this is the best gas geyser under 4000.

Candes gas geyser is elegant and it will surely add some beauty to your bathroom. It comes with 1 year of warranty and also this geyser has positive ratings.


  • child lock safety
  • 8 bar pressure
  • flame failure protection
  • elegant in design
  • 7 liters of capacity
  • best built quality


  • No return accepted
Brand Candes
Capacity7 Litres
Material Glass, Copper & Metal
Warranty1 Year


kenstar komfort gas geyser picture
Kenstar gas geysers

The best thing about this geyser is it will work with both LPG and PNG. Kenstar gas geyser comes with a storage of 6 litres and 2 years warranty period.

Same as all gas geysers this is also having a friendly control panel with 3 burners. Overheat control mechanism, flame failure protection, child lock protection features are also built-in.

both the winter and summer modes are present in it, But you have to use this gas geyser in well-ventilated areas only.

Compared with the above gas geysers kenstar has a little bit low count of ratings and reviews on Amazon. But, If you ever used kenstar products or appliances then you can have a look at this geyser.


  • 2 years warranty
  • LPG/PNG gas geyser
  • Auto shut down for gas saving
  • 8 bar pressure compatibility
  • 6 litres of capacity


  • No free installation provided by the company
Brand Kenstar
Capacity6 Litres
Warranty2 Years

Gas Geyser Buying Guide

Before purchasing any geyser we must ensure capacity. Based on the family members count we have to decide the geyser type. We already picked the best on all geyser categories, You can have a look at those.

Usually, If you are buying a gas geyser then you should follow some precautions. These geysers are completely worked with LPG or PNG gas. So, it is very dangerous if we use a gas geyser inside the bathroom with no ventilation.

You should place the gas geysers at open ventilation. Because gas geysers release some harmful gases. But, the main advantage of the gas geyser is it doesn’t consume electricity. Just batteries and gas is enough for functioning.

On average you can use one gas cylinder for up to 6 to 8 months if a family count is 4.

Now, I will tell you a couple of points that you should consider into account while buying the best gas geyser in India. They are…

  • Safety first so, make sure that important features like Auto gas cut off if the water temperature reaches the maximum, Oxygen depletion sensor, Summer/Winter switch, Flame control, and corrosion free.
  • The second comes the capacity, Choose at least 6 litres gas geyser of storage
  • The third is build material, Look at the material used for manufacturing the geyser. Materials like copper, steel, powder coated, and glass.
  • Also, make sure that heating element used in it is copper.
  • Finally, Just read the recent reviews and rating of the product and if the price satisfies pick that geyser.

The above points are quite enough to purchase a top gas geyser in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does gas geyser work?

When the tap water is turned on the flame will be turned on and with the help of heat exchange water will start heat very quickly. If the temperature reaches the maximum automatically gas functioning will be stopped by the auto cut off sensor.

Is gas geyser safe?

Actually, placing the geyser in an open ventilated bathroom may lead to safe use. But the answer to the question is simply No Because it releases carbon monoxide which is known as a toxic gas.

Gas geyser types?


How to choose a gas geyser?

Placing the safety at first, ensure that all the necessary sensors are present in the geyser. Then check with the built quality and storage of at least 6 litres. Finally, warranty and brand. If the price is worth then go for it.

Which gas geyser is best for a bathroom?

Bajaj Majesty will be the best out of the above six gas geysers. It comes with all the safety features and the warranty too.

Final Words:

As per our research, we picked Bajaj Majesty as the best gas geyser in India in 2021. It is having all the best features and it also supports PNG. Also, 2 years of the warranty period. Take a look at this geyser. Else, You can choose anyone among the above top gas geysers in India. Hope this article will be helpful to you in choosing the right geyser.

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