9 Best Geysers in India (July 2023)- Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best geyser in India? No worries. You came to the right place. There are a few popular geyser brands in India with free installation and the best warranty period too.

So, You just have to check the geyser buying guide to buy the best geyser for the bathroom and ensure that the geyser service center is near to you for easy utilization of warranty if mistakenly made any wrong/product failure.

Firstly, Geyser is one of the most used appliances during cold seasons. It will provide you with hot water within minutes without any effort. But the only thing is they are Lil bit cost. But, The price may change according to the features of the geyser. It occupies some wall mount space to fix and finally power supply.

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Best Geyser In India

In the olden days, all are used traditional methods to heat the water for several purposes. If the requirement of hot water is to clean the kitchen utensils. It will be ok if they prefer traditional stoves. Because lukewarm water is much enough to clean the utensils.

But for bucket bathing & showers, Traditional stoves are completely useless and risk too. In fact, If we prefer a gas stove we can’t heat a large amount of water. These traditional things are only useful to the ones who are not able to afford geysers. Also, for dishwashing & handwash purposes Instant Geysers are better.

Well, there is another choice to heat the water. We can use Immersion water heaters for faster water heating. This article will help you to buy the best geysers in India based on your needs. As per the Amazon reviews, customer feedback & ratings, We picked the 7 best storage geysers in India 2023 to buy in cold seasons (Winters).

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Types of Geysers 

  1. Storage Geysers- Best for bucket bath & shower
  2. Instant Geysers- Best for dishwashing in the kitchen
  3. Gas Geysers- Works irrespective of electricity and the best geyser for bathroom usage
  4. Horizontal Geysers- Best geyser for low ceiling or false ceiling
  5. Vertical Geysers- Need at least 2 feet of length vertically to fit.

We will look into each in-depth at the buying guide below.

Best Geyser Brand In India:

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15Storage Geyser
Bajaj New ShaktiStorage Geyser
Havells InstanioInstant Geyser
Bajaj FloraInstant Geyser
American MicronicAMI-WHM3-25LDxStorage Geyser
V-Guard Victo 15 LStorage Geyser
Havells Monza ECStorage Geyser
Usha MISTY GEYSER Storage Geyser
V-GuardVicto Plus Storage Geyser

9 Best Geyser Water Heaters In India 2023 (Instant & Storage)

1. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water Heater

Amazon Price

best vertical geyser in India
AO Smith 15L vertical water heater

The AO Smith vertical water heater comes up with 2000 watts & 15 liters of tank capacity. Similarly, The product is ready in multi-colors. We can change the color panel easily. Advanced technology is used in this water heater. It is anti-rust and maximum protected to store hard water.

Blue diamond technology is used in the preparation of the inner material for this tank. So, the life of the inner tank is increased and stays longer. The temperature control round switch is installed on the outer side of the water heater. So, we can easily change to fit new conditions.

Thermal cutout helps you to cut off the supply if the temperature of the water goes beyond the highest possible value. Quality material is used. Also, the Safety valve is fixed to operate the water flow. It is a 5-star product with superior quality. Perfectly works in all Indian temperature conditions.

It is having a 15-liter storage ability. So, 2-3 members can have a bucket/ shower bath. It’s having a long-lasting positive battery terminal rod that protects from rusting. The product is made in India.

The strong heavy gauge alloy steel tank lasts for a long period when compared to general stainless steel or copper. PUF injection technology is used, This will help in power saving and gives the best efficiency.

Also, the Inlet water diffuser will spread the water in equal horizontal directions. Finally, AO Smith vertical water heater is the best vertical geyser in India.

Significant Features:

  • Longer Warranties
  • Excellent Quality
  • 15 Liters double-coated glass-linked tank
  • No corrosion
  • Advanced Technology (PUF)
  • 5 Star Rating
  • Blue diamond glass lining
  • Thermal Cutout and safety valve
  • Temperature adjustment switch
  • Changeable Color Panels
  • International Quality
BrandAO Smith
Wattage2000 Watts
Voltage230 V
Temperature Range25 – 75 degrees centigrade
Tank Capacity15 Litres
Item Weight9 kg 800 gms
Item ModelHSE-SDS-15
Included Componentswater heater, manual, mounting screws
ColorWhite, Ivory, Red, Blue
Replacement 10 days
Warranty7 years on inner tank and 3 years extended warranty on glass coated heating element and 2 years of comprehensive.
AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre vertical water heater specs

2. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Liter Vertical Water Heater

Amazon Price

Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star (43.3 x 44.1 x 57 cms) Product Description: Bajaj New Shakti vertical water heater comes up with 25 liters storage tank.
Bajaj New Sakthi 25 Litres water heater

Swirl Flow Technology is used for faster water heating. It ensures reheating/heating 20% faster. Therefore, It saves both energy and time. Bajaj New Shakti vertical water heater comes up with 25 liters storage tank. 8 bars pressure and 2000 watts of wattage.

Mild steel and glass-lined coat material are used for inner tank preparation. CRCA+PP was used for the outer tank manufacture. The water heater also contains different sizes as 10L,15L also. It’s completely anti-rust.

The material used will protect the product from corrosion and rusting. The temperature of the water indication is there. It will help you to understand the water temperature level easily. Mild, Overheating will be protected automatically, and no issues.

It is suitable for high-rise buildings. An adjustable thermostat is given. so that we can adjust the temperature as per our requirement.

Powder-coated metal body and magnesium anode rod for extra protection from corrosion and leakage. The maximum reheating time will be 60 minutes. Titanium Armor Technology is used in the manufacture of this Bajaj New Shakti water heater. This will increase the life of the water heater.

The outer material is made up of a single metal sheet so, the external body is rustproof. They will provide a free inlet and outlet pipe. But there is no warranty for the pipe. It is a 4-star water heater that gives good efficiency and saves power too. The warranty of this product is also good.

Significant Features:

  • 25 Liters of Storage
  • 10, 15 Liters water heater variants
  • Good inner and out tank material
  • Multiple safety protections
  • Anti-rust
  • Temperature Indicating Dial
  • Suitable for high rise buildings
  • Titanium & Swirl Flow Advanced Technologies
Wattage2000 Watts
Voltage230 V
Reheating Time60 Minutes
Tank Capacity25 Litres
Item Weight13 kg 800 gms
Item ModelNew Shakti
Included ComponentsMulti-Function Safety Valve, PVC Drain Pipe, Warranty card, User manual
MaterialOuter Body Material: CRCA + PP, Tank Material: Mild Steel with Glass Lined Coating
WarrantyProduct Warranty – 2 years. Tank Warranty – 5 years. Heating Element Warranty – 2 years.
AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-LitrBajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Liter Vertical Water Heater specs

3. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser water heater

Amazon Price

havells water heaters
Havells Instanio Instant Geyser

This is one of the best instant geyser water heater that suitable for high rise buildings, It comes up with 3000 watts of power and 2 different tank capacity variants of 1Ltr & 3 Ltr respectively.

Classy design for your cool interior, Rust and shock proof ABS body for additional protection. LED indicator for easier understanding of water status.

Copper is used as a heating element so you can have a resulted hot water in seconds because this is instant geyser. 2 years of better warranty on product.

I would not recommend this geyser if you are in a family with more than 3 members. Just checkout with the storage geyser for bucket or shower bath.

But anyway still you wanna go for instant geyser then this would be the best choice.

Significant Features:

  • ABS Shock proof body
  • Fire retardant power cord
  • LED indicator on body
  • Clean & Calm design
  • Superior water heating
  • ISI marked geyser
  • copper as a heating element
  • Instant geyser water heater in two variants (1L & 3L)
Wattage3000 Watts
Voltage230 V
Reheating Time
Tank Capacity1 & 3 Litres
Item Weight3 kg
Item ModelInstanio
Included Components1 N Instant Electric water heater,1 N User manual, 2 N fasteners & 2 N Flexible pipes
MaterialABS & stainless steel tank
Warranty2 years on product and 5 years on the condenser
Havells Instanio Instant Water Heater specs

4. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater, 3kw, White

Amazon Price

bajaj water heaters
Bajaj Flora Instant vertical water heater

Here comes the top instant water heater in India Bajaj, As we all aware that Bajaj is the finest and trust full brand for home, kitchen, and electrical appliances.

It is also one of the fastest growing brands in E-commerce websites. Well, This Bajaj flora instant vertical water available in 1L & 3L.

Also, 2 separate wattage variants are available in it. one with 3 kw and the next with 4.5 kw. If the wattage count is high then most probably water heats in seconds.

It is an Instant geyser water heater and it doesn’t contain any tank so water will heat in very less time. But, the only disadvantage is No pipes will be provided in the box. We have to purchase the things additionally.

As per company norms, installation is free. Either you can purchase Havells or Bajaj both will give you the ultimate performance and surely they are price worthy to buy in Instant geyser water heaters.

Significant Features:

  • ABS body
  • 6.5 bars pressure
  • Neon indicator (heating)
  • perfectly suitable for high rise buildings
  • Fire retardant cable
  • ISI Approved
  • Multiple safety systems
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Best built quality and warranty too.
  • Trusted brand
Wattage3000/4500 Watts
Voltage230 V
Reheating Time
Tank Capacity1 & 3 Litres
Item Weight3 kg 730 gms
Item ModelFlora
Included ComponentsWater Heater Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual, Mounting Accessories
MaterialABS & SS 304
Warranty2 years on product and 5 years on the condenser2 years on Product; 3 years on Heating Element; 5 years on Tank
Bajaj flora Instant Water Heater specs

5. American Micronic- 25 Liter Imported Water Heater

Amazon Price

Imported water heaters
American Micronic 25 Litre Imported Water Heater

American Micronic- 25 liters Imported water heater comes up with 2000 watts wattage. This is the only water heater in India with 3 power-saving modes. A 2mm ultra-thick inner steel tank is present to handle 8 bar pressure.

It is specially built for Indian water conditions. This water heater has a 5-star rating. It will surely save power. On the other hand, maximum protection is given to this water heater to protect it from corrosion.

Multiple safety systems help to protect against exceeding hard water, pressure. Build quality is standard. It surely suits your bathroom walls. weather and moisture-proof. So, this water heater lasts for years without occurring any issues. Though it’s having 25 liters water tank 5-6 members can easily bucket bath or shower.

We can fix the temperature from 30 to 70 degrees. Also, having various power modes. An auto cut-off function exists so, the machine can automatically turn off when the temperature of the water exceeds the maximum.

Magnesium anode is used which helps us to protect from rusting. The heating element will provide higher efficiency. It is an imported product.

In short, If you really wanna chose a glass-lined steel tank. good design with maximum protection and average tank capacity, Hence You can go with this brand American Micronic. 100% American Imported Product.

Significant Features:

  • Tank Capacity 25 Liters
  • Adjustable Temperature 30 -75 degrees
  • 3 power-saving modes
  • Auto cut off function
  • Ultra-thick inner tank
  • Magnesium Anode for superior corrosion resistant
  • Weather & Moisture proof
  • Can be used for story buildings
BrandAmerican Micronic
Wattage2000 Watts
Voltage230 V
Temperature30 – 75
Tank Capacity25 Litres
Item Weight15 kg 700 gms
Item ModelAMI-WHM3-25LDx
Included ComponentsHeater & User manual
MaterialGlass Lined Steel Tank
WarrantyProduct Warranty – 2 years.
American Micronic 25 Litre Imported Water Heater specs

6. V-Guard Victo 15 liters Water Geyser

Amazon Price

V gaurd best water heater
V-Guard victo 15 Liters

In a word, The brand V-Guard is a well known and highly preferred brand in India. As we know, This brand has a great impact on manufacturing electrical appliances. Simply the brand is more trusted in functionality and working.

The V-Guard Victo comes up with 15 liters tank and it is a vertical water heater. Though the tank is only 15 liters, 2 to 3 members can have a shower or bucket bath easily. On the other hand Free installation, Free inlet, outlet pipes, and valve too.

It is rated 4 stars from BEE. Higher efficiency and power saving. The best warranty will be given for the inner tank, heating element, and the entire product. The temperature control round switch is given at the bottom of the water heater.

It really helps us to regulate temperature. The product comes up in a cylindrical shape. Surely adds elegance to your bathroom and perfectly matches the wall colors.

The inner tank is made up of steel material. It makes the products last for years without getting any issues. The V-Guard water geyser is not corrosive and gives an incredible performance.

Multifunctional valve, thermostat, and thermal cutoff enhance safety. As per the customer reviews and feedback, the product performance is very good. Similarly, The product is also in 3 different variants with 10L, 15L, 25L.

Significant Features:

  • Four layered safety system
  • Temperature control dial
  • Free installation
  • Best warranty
  • Trusted brand
  • Multi-functional valve
  • 4 Stars rated
  • Tank Capacity 15 liters
Wattage2000 Watts
Voltage230 V
Temperature25 – 75 degree centigrade
Tank Capacity15 Litres
Item Weight10 kg 100 gms
Item ModelVicto
Included ComponentsOne water Heater, Inlet, and Outlet pipes and Wall mounting kit
Replacement10 days
Warranty2-year product warranty; 1-year additional warranty on the heating element; 3-year additional warranty on the inner tank
V-Guard Victo 15 Litres water heater specs

7. Havells Monza EC 15-Litre Storage Water Heater with Flexi Pipe

Amazon Price

Havells water heater product image
Havells Monza EC 15-Litre Storage Water Heater with Flexi Pipe

The water heater Havells comes up with the 15-liter storage with a mounting design. Many of us were already aware of this brand. Havells is one of the leading fast-moving brands in the electrical appliance industry.

Importantly Stainless steel flexible inlet and outlet pipes were given in the box. Though the pipes are steel, Total they are anti-rust and longs forever without corrosion.

The heavy-duty magnesium anode rod is installed for additional protection from excess pressure and corrosion. Whirl-flow technology is used in this water heater. It makes to heat the water 20% fast.

This Havells Monza EC is also in different storage tank capacities. Feroglas technology with a single weld design is used in this product manufacturing. On the other hand It comes up with 2 different colors.

High-level protection is added to this water heater. 2000 watts power and the input current is .7 amps with 8 bar pressure. A good heating element is used for fast heating. It will fit any corner or any place easily in your bathroom as a result it adds a good design.

The features like an adjustable knob, good build material, anti-rust. Makes this product highlight. If you really wanna go for the best brand with 15 liters you can choose this. In brief, The product comes with the best durability.

Significant Features:

  • 15 liters capacity
  • Incoloy glass coated heating element
  • PUF Insulation
  • 8 Bar pressure
  • Whirl flow technology
  • 20% faster water heat
  • Fero-Glass technology
  • Stainless steel inlet/outlet pipes
Wattage2000 Watts
Voltage230 V
Temperature20% heats faster
Tank Capacity15 Litres
Item Weight8 kg 700 gms
Item ModelMonza EC
Included Components1 N Storage Electric water heater,1 N User manual,1 N Multifunction Safety Valve, 2 N fasteners & 2 N Flexible pipes
ColorWhite, ivory
Replacement10 days
Warranty1-year warranty on the inner container; 2-year comprehensive warranty
Havells Monza EC water heater specs

8. Usha Misty 25-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater

Amazon Price

usha best 5 star rating water heater
Usha Misty 25-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater (Twinkling Grey)

The Usha Misty water heater comes up with various models of tank capacity 6-25 liters. Pretty well design with 2000 wattage and 8 bar pressure. power requirement will be in between 220 V – 240 V. It’s 5 star rated product from BEE.

Magnesium anode is in for the prevention of rust. With no corrosion surely the water heater will stay for years. ABS body used for more durability.

Whirl Flow technology is used which actually makes the water heat 20% faster. As we know that instantly heating saves power. Importantly,  A copper heating element is used.

The heating of the water will be faster. So, you can feel a continuous flow of water. One can enjoy a long laundry bath. Therefore,  it is faster and silent in heating.

Additionally, 5 safety features to protect against corrosion, shock, and more. Not only beautiful but also the product produces efficient energy for safe usage.

The high-grade thermostat and auto cut off are given for energy saving. Faster reheating due to the usage of copper as a heating element. The product is ready in both vertical and horizontal.

Simply one can buy this classical water heater for better use. The Usha Misty water heater price is price worthy. In short, It is a 5 star rated product with the best quality features.

Significant Features:

  • 25-liters tank capacity
  • Classical design
  • Also with different tank capacity models
  • 5 star rated product
  • Suitable for high rise buildings
  • Free Installation
  • Efficient energy and power saving
  • Faster water heating
  • Horizontal & Vertical fit
  • 5 safety features for durability
  • Silent heating
  • Advanced Technologies are used
  • High-Grade PUF Insulation
  • Best Warranty
Wattage2000 Watts
Voltage220 – 240 V
Temperature20% heats faster
Tank Capacity25 Litres
Item Weight8 kg 500 gms
Item ModelMisty
Included Componentsmain unit & manual
ColorTwinkling grey, ivory cherry blossom, Grey magnolia, Blue Hibiscus, Ivory gold
Replacement10 days
Warranty2 years on product, 3 years on the heating element, and 7 years on tank
Usha Misty 25 liters geyser

9. V-Guard Victo Plus 15 L Water Geyser 

Amazon Price

v guard water heaters
V-Guard Victo Plus 15 L Water Geyser 

The V-Guard Victo Plus water geyser comes up with a digital display and easy round switch. One can easily adjust the temperature with the knob.

Seven segment display is given to know the temperature digitally via a clear screen. The inner tank is made up of a steel gauge. The outer power coating material is used to protect from rust. Single line welding technology is also used. On the other hand, Four layered safeguard system is used for additional protection.

Hi-tech technologies like multifunctionality valves, thermostats were added. If the maximum temperature exceeds then automatically the system will turn off. The product providing free of installation. Also, we can get the inner pipe and the outlet pipe completely free.

4 star rated product from BEE with the digital display of the temperature. Additionally, The product ready in 6L, 10L, 15, & 25L. This water geyser will add a glance to the bathroom.

Also, We can easily get to know the temperature of the water by looking at a digital screen. In a word, Trusted Brand, Trusted Performance.

Significant Features:

  • Digital Display
  • Adjustable round switch
  • Four Layered safety system
  • No Corrosion
  • Multi-functional valves
  • Powder coating
  • Free installation
  • 4-star rating from BEE
Wattage2000 Watts
Voltage220 – 240 V
AdvancedSeven Segment Display
Tank Capacity15 Litres
Item Weight10 kg 700 gms
Item ModelVicto Plus
Included Componentswater heater
Replacement10 days
Warranty2-year product warranty; 1-year additional warranty on the heating element; 5-year additional warranty on the inner tank
v-guard victo plus 15 liters geyser specs

Geyser Buying Guide 2023:

Let me make it more clear to you. Here the points to buy the best water heater in India.

  • Look capacity of the tank
  • Tank material ( Copper, Stainless Steel)
  • Wattage
  • BEE Ratings & Reviews
  • Manufacturer Warranty & Service center nearby you
  • Shock & Rustproof: ABS Body
  • Leakage Proof Pipes
  • Automatic Turn Off if water exceeds maximum heat
  • Any Advanced Features that will helpful to you.

Advantages of Storage Geysers (water heaters):

  • Storage geysers come up with a wide range of tank capacities
  • Can have a bucket/shower bath
  • Can maintain heat for a long time.

Disadvantages of Storage Geysers (water heaters):

  • Storage geysers will take some time to heat the water
  • Requires more installation space based on the tank selection
  • Through radiant heat loss, 15% of energy wasted.
  • The expected life is low, compared to instant water heaters.
  • A limited supply of hot water

Instant geyser vs Storage geyser

Storage GeyserInstant Geyser
Available from 6 to 35 liters of storage These are available from 1 to 6 Liters
Consumes more electricity while compared to Instant, but it depends on tank capacity. If tank capacity is huge then power consumption will be more.Less electricity consumption and faster water heating
Water re-heating takes more timeLess time to re-heat the water
Bucket bath / shower / dishwashingOnly dishwashing & Handwashing
Suitable for families having more than 3 membersNot suitable for bathing, but one can able to bath.
Low life span due to tankHigher life span while compared to storage

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the role of Wattage in Water heater/ water geysers ?

The heating of water completely depends upon the wattage of the water heater/geyser. If the wattage is more, then water gets to maximum heat within low time.

Does Water Heater / Water Geyser functions for 10 years ?

Yes, The water heater lasts up to 10 years. Generally, The life of the water heater will depend upon the specs. If material got rust the heater will get spoiled within a short period of time.

Best Heater Brands in India 2020 ?

Havells, AO Smith, Racold, American Marconi, V-Guard. They offer Geysers from 6L to 35L. Available in Amazon & Flipkart.

Does water heater makes noise?

Yes, you can get a little noise. Instead if you got any additional louder noises, Call to customer service.

How to choose the best water heater in India?

Wattage, Tank Capacity according to the need, Warranty & Rust proof these are the common things.

which geyser is best instant or storage in India?

For dish washing & hand washing Instant geyser of 1 to 3 liters will be the best. But, for bucket bath and shower storage geysers play vital role.

which geyser is best for bathroom?

Actually, It depends up on your bathroom construction. Like, if there is lesser space then go with Horizontal geysers else you can purchase vertical geyser. The functionality of all geysers are same. It is heating water. But, Storage geysers are best for bathroom (either horizontal/vertical)

which geyser is best gas or electric?

Gas geysers work without electricity. Also they are best on heating water instantly. But, one should take the necessary precautions for better use. While electric geysers consumes electricity and purchasing the best geyser with the best features will be helpful to reduce power consumption. But Overall mostly electric geysers sales in large numbers, Hope you got it.

which type of geyser is best?

Family with more than 2 or 3- Storage Geyser
For a family with 2 members- Instant water heater
If the bathroom is the low ceiling- Horizontal Geysers
If you wanna save power- Gas Geysers (Use gas geysers only if your bathroom having proper ventilation)

how to select best geyser?

The most primary feature in a geyser is auto cut off and fire protection. Along with these features, Higher wattage, Built quality, Anti-rust are the common features we must consider into our account while purchasing a geyser. Tank Capacity is based on your family count.


Finally, Purchasing a Water heater/ Water geyser will really help you during winter cold seasons. You can bath with hot water without any struggle. As per amazon reviews, feedbacks from the customers & ratings we listed the above all products. We recommend the product AO Smith HSE-SDS water heater. This is one of the best geysers in India in 2023. Purchase if your needs match with this brand. truly it will satisfy you. Happy Winter !!  

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