Best Horizontal Geyser in India 2023


Horizontal geyser water heaters are mostly installed in false ceilings. Well, there are a few geyser types and I wrote detailed stuff regarding geysers. By reading, You may get some knowledge about geysers and then you will be successful in purchasing the right geyser for your bathroom.

best horizontal geysers in India
Best Horizontal Geyser In India

But, In simple, Horizontal Geysers are recommended when there is insufficient space to install vertical geysers. If your bathroom is built small, you may buy the best horizontal geyser in India.

The primary thought to manufacture horizontal geyser is to optimize space in bathrooms. Hope you got it. Some of the most popular horizontal geyser brands are AO Smith, Racold, American Micronic, Usha, and Havells.

Anyway, The entire objective of the geyser water heater is to heat water. Nothing special in horizontal geysers except the look & design (Horizontal).

Mostly horizontal geysers come up with storage. Just a suggestion, Please look at our blog category for clear reference to Geysers.

Best Horizontal Geyser Brands in India 2023

BrandCapacityBuy Now
AO Smith 15-LitresBuy At Amazon
Racold 20-LitresBuy At Amazon
American Micronic15-LitresBuy At Amazon
Havells 15-LitresBuy At Amazon
Usha 25-LitresBuy At Amazon

List of Top 5 Horizontal Geysers In India

1. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage 15 Litre Horizontal Water Heater (Geyser)

AO Smith HAS-X1-015 15 Litre Geyser

The brand AO Smith is the best in Geysers (only in storage). Blue Diamond Technology is present in it. The benefit is, this technology helps to live geyser for a long time.

Also, As I already told you, Horizontal Geysers are storage geysers. So, we must look at the general feature called anti-corrosive.

This geyser is available in two storage variants i.e 15 and 25 liters. Glass coated heating element is installed in it. So water heats in less time period and also it lives for a long.

The thermostat helps to cut out the power supply to the heating element when water reaches maximum temperature. Also, It is energy efficient geyser.

The best in design and perfectly suits your bathroom. As per company norms, you may get free installation if you are from metropolitan cities and Free installation doesn’t include materials called water inlet and outlet pipes, additional requirements for installing the geyser.


  • Blue Diamond Glass Lining Technology
  • Glass coated durable heating element
  • Thermal cutout and safety valve
  • 2 different variants
  • PUF Technology for power saving
  • Environment Friendly
  • Anti Corrosive
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Expensive
  • Bit Noise (Neglect)

AO Smith Horizontal Geyser Specifications

BrandAO Smith
Model NumberHSE-HAS-015
Item Weight12 Kg
Storage15 L, 25 L
Wattage2000 watts
Warranty2 Years on Product

2. Racold Andris Slim 20 Litres Horizontal 4 Star Water Heater

Racold Andris Slim Horizontal water heater

The best feature in Racold Andris water heater is titanium plus technology. This technology helps to resist water impurities thus water tank last for long time.

Also, A simple knob is given on the surface of the geyser to adjust water temperature. LED indicator is also one of the best features in this geyser.

With the help of this indicator one can know about the temperature of water. Two storage variants one with 20 Liters and the next is 30 Liters.

Comparing to the above AO Smith geyser the only difference is storage and some additional features. Also, you can get free installation with this geyser.

As per their info, Inlet and outlet pipes and installation material are not provided with the geyser but they are completely free. At the time of installation, Service man will carry and look after all things.

But, You should not open the box if you ordered this online. Flexo Mix feature is the best in it. Because it helps reducing the water re-heating time.


  • Free installation
  • Adjustable knob to regulate temperature
  • Flexomix feature for super water heating
  • Titanium plus technology
  • 2 storage variants
  • Warranty of 2 years on product, 3 years on the heating element, and 5 years on Tank


  • Installation may be late

Racold Andris Slim Horizontal Water Heater Specifications

Model NumberAndris Slim
Item Weight12 Kg
Storage20 L, 30 L
Wattage2000 watts
Warranty2 Years on Product, Tank- 5 years
Heating element- 3 years

3. American Micronic- AMI-WHH-15LDx- 15 Litre Imported Horizontal Water Heater

American Micronic Horizontal water heater

It is the best imported geyser water heater in India. American Micronic is the best in safety. It includes multiple safety features such as Shock proof, over heating, handling dry water etc.

It comes with 15 litres of storage at an affordable price. One of the best in it is 2 years of replacement warranty.

Titanium Enamel Glass Lining for extra durability. Also, It perfectly suits for all Indian whether conditions.

Water reheating may takes some time up to 50 minutes. While compared to the above two geysers, If you are willing to spend a bit then absolutely choose the best in above two.

Because, It is an imported horizontal geyser water heater. Well, Product built quality and performance is quite good. But, you know what if any repair or issue with the geyser you should look at other agencies.

And, I am not sure that you find spare parts. But, They are offering product replacement warranty. This will be some good part in this geyser.


  • The best-imported geyser
  • 8 Bar pressure
  • Glass-lined steel tank
  • 2 years warranty on product and 5 years warranty on a storage tank
  • Attractive look and metallic body.


  • No proper service if you get issue

American Micronic Horizontal Water Heater Specifications

BrandAmerican Micronic
Model NumberAMI-WHH-15LDx
Item Weight13 Kg 500 gm
Storage15 L
Wattage2000 watts
Warranty2 Years on Product, Tank- 5 years

4. Havells Monza Slim 15-Litre Storage Heater

Havells Monza Horizontal Water Heater

Whirl-Flow Technology helps in efficient heating of water, Which means instead of mixing hot and cold water directly. It slowly mixes the both.

Havells Monza storage heater comes up with 15 liters of storage and also available with 25 liters. Ferro glass Technology helps in the durability of geysers.

Flexi pipes with 8 bar pressure which exactly suits for higher buildings and false ceilings. Like all geysers an adjustable temperature knob is given a right center of geyser.

Perfectly suits the bathroom walls. It is the recommended geyser if you wanna choose Havells. But, Price doesn’t vary much.

The above mentioned geysers performs the best. But, My suggestion is to choose any one from the top if you are not a Havells lover.


  • Ferro glass-coated tank
  • Elegant look
  • faster heating
  • Energy saving
  • Temperature Adjustable knob
  • In-Box Accessories


  • Failed to function if not used more than 5 months

Havells Monza Horizontal Water Heater Specifications

Model NumberMonza Slim
Item Weight8 Kg 700 gm
Storage15 L
Wattage2000 watts
Warranty5 Years on Tank and
2 years comprehensive

5. Usha Aqua Horizon 25 Litre Horizontal Storage Water Heater

Usha Aqua Horizon horizontal geyser water heater

The Usha Aqua Horizon Horizontal geyser water heater is one of the best horizontal water geysers in India. But, It is expensive.

It comes up with 15 and 25 Litres of storage. Good built quality and an attractive look. Surely matches with your bathroom walls.

As we are all well aware that Usha is one of the best and fastest growing brand on manufacturing kitchen and electrical appliances.

It is having a temperature adjusting smooth knob with three modes and super fast heating due to the SS316 heating element.

Super perfect ABS body along with rust prevention. Liquid enamel inlets and outlets which also prevents from rusting.

Most probably the above brands like AO Smith, Racold and American Micronic plays vital role. Because they are having all essential geyser features at an affordable cost.

Usha geysers are best in warranty too. Trusted brand with several features. If you really wanna purchase the best horizontal geyser water heater, then this would be the best choice. Only if you never look at spending a bit high.


  • Glass line coating
  • Temperature sensor
  • Whirl-Flow Technology
  • PUF Insulation for energy saving
  • Powerful heating element for faster heating
  • 310 mm of slim water heater
  • Free Installation
  • Rust Free
  • Heavy performance with longer life
  • The best warranty period


  • Expensive

Usha Aqua Horizon Horizontal Water Heater Specifications

BrandUsha International LTD
Model NumberAqua Horizon
Item Weight13 Kg 100 gm
Storage25 L
Wattage2000 watts
Warranty8 years on Tank,
3 years on Element,
2 years on Product.

Final Words

So, Finally, I can say that only purchase horizontal geyser if you are failed to install storage or instant. But, It all depends on your choice. Suggestions are welcome and feel free to leave a comment below if any and I am happy to answer. A Suggestion, Check once the best geysers in India before purchasing horizontal geysers.



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