Best Immersion Water Heater In India

Do you ever think that using the immersion water heater is dangerous?

Well, Guys Things may harm us but it completely depends on how we are using them. I think, another question strikes on your mind ” Why people are using the immersion water heater even though it is dangerous? ” Yes?

Ok, Let me explain to you…

Immersion water heater price is low, they are cost-effective. So, everyone can purchase it. These immersion rod water heaters are mostly useful for the students, bachelors, small families. It is recommended to not use in the families where children live.

Because, After keeping the water heater in the plastic bucket. We will be busy with our works then there might be a chance that children will interact with the heater. What happens !! Short circuit or Shock…

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So, If you are really serious about buying the best immersion water heater rod in India, Please take a look at instant water heaters and (storage water heaters) geysers.

It is better to use instant or storage water heaters instead of immersion water heaters. Well, If you are a student, bachelor, Adult family without kids then you can move forward.

No worries, I will help you to choose the best immersion water heater in India and also before proceeding to checkout please read the immersion rod water heater buying guide

Our buying guide will help you to choose the best one among the above-listed heaters. All the products I have chosen are based on the positive reviews and ratings at Amazon. We highly appreciate your choice of selections. Choose the best immersion water heater as per your need.

Which is the Best Immersion Water Heater in India?

Rico 1500 WattsMetal
Bajaj 1500 WattsCopper
H Hy-tec2000 WattsCopper
Crompton Ihl251 1500 WattsAluminium
Havells Immersion HB15 1500 WattsPlastic
Usha IR 3815 1500 WattsCopper
Havells Immersion Heater HP10 1000 WattsPlastic
Crompton CG-IHL 152 1500 WattsCopper
V-Guard 1000 WattsStainless Steel

List of 9 Best Immersion Water Heaters in India

1.Rico 1500-W Metal Water Heater Immersion Rod, White


Key Features:

  • Rico Immersion water heater price is very cheap while compared to other immersion water heater brands.
  • It comes up with 1500 watts of power that will help to heat water fast.
  • This is a shockproof metal water immersion rod with advanced technology and its fully safe to using
  • A convenient grip will be provided to tuck properly into the plastic bucket
  • Rico brand is also one of the fast-growing brands in home and kitchen appliances. It introduces rust-free appliances for good results.
  • Rico immersion rod water heater is designed with the copper element and nickel plating. It is safe and very easy to use.
  • Even though it is shock-proof but it is better not to touch the surface of the water. One must be aware of this and be careful while using the product.
Positives Negativities
  1. It will take approximately 10 minutes to heat one bucket of water
  2. Lengthy power cord for the efficient usage
  3. 6 A power plug is the usage and no need for any additional plug-ins
  4. Durable immersion water heater with the good built quality and water heating is quick & good
  1. Power cable quality can be increased and the rest of the things are all good, nothing to describe anymore.


2.Bajaj Immersion Rod Water Heater

Key Features:

  • We are very much aware of Bajaj Products, Bajaj is one of the best and fastest-growing brand in kitchen and home appliances in India.
  • Immersion water heater rod Bajaj comes up with the power of 1500 watts and 1 year of warranty
  •  Hairpin Tubular heating element is used in the manufacturing of this heater and it is anti-corrosive. One can use this water heater for a long time.
  • Copper with Nickel plating and the low-cost heating element is used so, Power consumption will be less.
  • due to the usage of hairpin tubular elements, water heating will be quick enough. So, no worries about the heating time of water.
  • On average it will take 9 to 12 minutes to heat 16L of water and if you keep heating after the 15 minutes water starts boiling.
  • Also, you can even check with the bajaj immersion water heater 1kw. There will be different models with different specs. One can check the bajaj immersion water heater 1kw price and can move with it if required.
  • Else, if you really looking for the best bajaj immersion water heater rod 1500 watts. Then, this will be the perfect one.
Positives Negativities
  1. Price worthy water heater with powerful wattage.
  2. Uses a 16 A socket which is absolutely better for a1.5k watts immersion water heater.
  3. Best built quality and also available with 1000 watts of power
  1. Don’t use any connectors, If you are not having the 16 A plug. Buy one. But, It’s just a suggestion


3.H Hy-tec (Device) Pure Copper Travel Portable Immersion Water Boiler Heating Element Heater Rod with Full Water and Shock Proof (2000W, Red)

Key Features:

  • This is one of the best immersion water heaters with a powerful wattage. Hy-tec water heater comes up with 2000 watts of power for the insane heating of water.
  • It is a pure 100% copper rod with ISI Marked.
  • A hanging slot will be given for easy attachment to the plastic bucket without using any other materials for the support.
  • Lengthy power cord for convenient & safer usage.
  • Waterproof, Shock-proof, and anti-corrosive immersion water heater rod.
  • It is the Indian Immersion water heater (made in India).
  • Though it’s having powerful wattage, water will heat very quickly. You just have to fill the water in the bucket and left the heater for 3-5 minutes.
  • If you really wanna choose the powerful wattage i.e 2000 watts immersion water heater rod in India then, Hy-tec will be the best immersion rod water heater in India.
Positives Negativities
  1. Quick water heating, It will heat 15L of water within just 3 minutes of time.
  2. Less electricity due to the powerful & quick heat function.
  3. ISI marked & easy to carry
  1. No warranty


4.Crompton Ihl251 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater (Blue)

Key Features:

  • Crompton immersion water heater comes up with 1500 watts of power consumption.
  • This is also one of the shock-proof immersion water heaters with elegantly designed.
  • A strong plastic handle is given to hang the water heater to the plastic bucket walls.
  • Please do not do any experiments to check whether it is shock-proof or not. As per the manufacture, it is shock-proof.
  • Compared to the Bajaj immersion water heater, this will give less energy efficiency. Well, it’s up to you. You can choose your liked one.
  • As per the reviews on Amazon, this water heater is taking some more time to heat the water. But, any way Crompton is also one of the finest brands. You can get this heater for a cheap price.
  • In the box, you can get the user manual, warranty card, and the immersion rod.
Positives Negativities
  1. Excellent Built Quality and faster in heating water
  2. Can get for a cheap price
  3. Aqua proof design and light-weight. One can use it safely.
  1. water level requirement is hard to achieve and the plastic body is very near


5.Havells Immersion HB15 1500 Watt (White Blue)

Key Features:

  • Havells immersion water heater comes up with 1500 watts of power consumption and the output voltage 220-230 volts.
  • The heating indicator will be given for ease knowing of working or not.
  • ISI marked with 3 pins molded plug.
  • Also, the touch protection cover is given for additional protection. It will help in un-expected touchings.
  • Effective heating elements with a plastic hook for the plastic bucket holding were installed.
  • Nickel plating for corrosion protection,
  • 2 years of warranty will be offered, This is the best immersion water heater with the best warranty.
  • Overall product is fine and one can purchase it without any issues.
Positives Negativities
  1. Longer warranty period
  2. Faster on heating water
  3. Elegant look & anti-corrosive
  4. LED Indication
  1. The upper part of the immersion is not tightly coupled.


6.Usha IR 3815 1500W Shock Proof Immersion Rod

Key Features:

  • Usha immersion water heater comes up with 1.5k watts of power. This water heater also available with 1000 watts power consumption.
  • Price may little vary from each model. Shock-proof and the plastic molded on the top of the water heater. This will help to take out and insert the water heater without any heat
  • Similarly, A hanging hook is given to hold anywhere. These features will help for safer operations.
  • Copper element is used for perfect heating and nickel element is used for the best life.
  • 1.5 meters of power cord for the perfect usage and also it offers 2 years of warranty.
  • This is one of the best Usha immersion water heaters in India for a low price. You can visit the Usha store for more products.
Positives Negativities
  1. Longer life, portable & durable immersion water heater
  2. Quick water heating
  3. Longer warranty
  1. No Indicator & plug point is a little bigger. Check once before purchase.


7.Havells Immersion Heater HP10 Auto 1000 Watt (Blue)

Key Features:

  • Havells immersion water heater HP10 comes up with 1000 watts of power
  • This is the best immersion water heater with auto cut off feature. This is the first Indis’s immersion water heater with auto cut off.
  • It is quite similar to the above the Havells water heater but the only thing different in this is the wattage and the auto cut off feature.
  • It is also ISI marked immersion water heater with a heating light indicator.
  • Also, the Temperature setting knob is present in it. So, that we can adjust the temperature as per our requirement. There will be a Low, medium, and high-temperature setting modes. So, this can be said an immersion water heater with temperature control.
  • The best and efficient heating element with the anti-corrosive feature.
  • if you get any immersion water heater repair, without any worries you can make you for its warranty. (2 years)
Positives Negativities
  1. Automatic cut off feature for protection
  2. temperature setting knob for adjusting the heat
  3. Best heating element with anti-corrosive feature
  4. ISI marked and longer warranty
  5. Immersion water heater with water resistance
  1. Wattage is low. It would be better if 1500 watts


8.Crompton CG-IHL 152 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater (Black), Compatible with 16A Socket only

Key Features:

  • Crompton CG-IHL is a 1500 watts immersion water heater, The thing is it is only compatible with the 16 A socket.
  • The same water heater is also available with 1000 watts of power.
  • It is also an ISI marked water heater with 2 years of warranty.
  • The indicator will be given at the top of the water heater for easy understanding of working.
  • Holding pin and a lengthy cord will be there. Also, it is portable so that you can carry this heater anywhere.
  • Likewise all the immersion water heaters this is also anti-corrosive.
  • Water level indicator will be given on the heater, So that we can get to know, how much of water we should fill in the plastic bucket.
Positives Negativities
  1. Durable and the best-inbuilt quality
  2. No corrosion and ease of usage
  3. 2 years of warranty
  1. Bigger Plug, So not suitable for general sockets


9.V-Guard Immersion Water Heater Rod 1kw(Silver)

Key Features:

  • V-Gaurd is one of the best-trusted brands in electronics. The V Gaurd immersion water heater comes up with 1000 watts of power consumption.
  • Copper tube element is used with nickel plating for a more durable life.
  • A dedicated heating element is designed for faster heating and also hanging hook is provided for safer operations.
  • This is a noncorrosive immersion water heater with a fast-heating capacity. But, it would be more best if it is 1500 watts of power.
  • V guard immersion water heater price would be cheap, one can easily afford this heater.
  • Price worthy water heater with effective heating.
Positives Negativities
  1. Noncorrosive water heater
  2. Lightweight water heater, only 500 gms
  3.  Worthful product with good reviews and ratings
  1. It would be better if it comes up with 1.5k watts


Immersion rod water heater buying guide

Well, before going to know about an Immersion water heater, we will look into the heating element.

What is a Heating Element in an Immersion water heater?

As we all well aware that copper is a good conductor of heat, Let me make this more clear to you by taking an example. If you try to connect a battery with the copper wire. then, what happens? electricity will flow through the wires from one terminal to another terminal.

If the voltage increases, then high voltage power will be passed through the wires and they may be damaged or gets short-circuited. The copper wires get melted and they do not bear the more heat. So, to overcome this issue we have to add a metal that bears the highest temperature.

So, the metal which bears the highest temperature, having a high resistance, high melting point is known as the Heating Element. Based on this heating element immersion water heater will function.

How immersion water heater works?

So, the Immersion water heater will work based on the heating element. Mostly Nichrome(80/20) is used to prepare the heating element. It means that 80% of Nickel and 20%chromium will be used in preparing the heating element.

Heating elements are generally used in different appliances like geysers, immersion water heaters, washing machines, gas stoves, bread toasters, etc.

In a water heater, Electricity is passed through the heating element and for this purpose, the heating element coil got heated. Then, if we dip the water heater coil directly into the water in a bucket you may get shocked or it may get short-circuited.

To overcome this issue, the Heating element is surrounded by the metal pipes and in between these magnesium oxide power will be placed. This will act as an electric insulator so, there is no chance of passing electricity in the heating element to the out. Now, if you dip the heater into the water no shock will have resulted.

If there is any rust or damage to the heater then please don’t use it. Because it is very dangerous and may result in a short-circuit or shock. The entire process is also known as an Immersion water heater working principle.

So, beware of using the immersion water heater.

How to use immersion water heater?

One must follow the Immersion water heater safety steps for the proper use of an immersion water heater:

  • Water must cover the heater shield and do not fill the bucket fully
  • Use the hook properly for better & fast heating
  • Keep away from the children in the home and it will be better if not use in presence of children
  • Even though it is a shock-proof water heater, do not touch the water while heating.
  • If you found any damage, rust stop using the water heater.

How to buy the best immersion water heater rod in India?

You should look at the below points to purchase the best immersion water heater in India:

  1. Make sure the wattage should be 1500 watts or more. Remember, More wattage tends to quick heating and also helps in reducing the power bill.
  2. Look at the heating element, Mostly nichrome will be the best and it will be used.
  3. Check the product warranty of having at least 1 year.
  4. At least 1.5 m power cord length will be better for safe usage.
  5. LED or light indicator, Auto cut off feature, and temperature control feature will be more advantageous.
  6. Anti-corrosive, hook, are also the mandatory features
  7. Finally, Check with the reviews, ratings, and customer feedbacks of the desired product.

Is Immersion water heater safe?

The below table will clearly describe the likes and dislikes of the immersion water heater.

Advantages of Immersion water heater Disadvantages of Immersion water heater
  1. Quick water heating for a fresh bath.
  2. Cheap cost, anyone can buy.
  3. portable anyone can carry it easily.
  4. Best for students, hostellers, bachelours.
  1. The plastic bucket may burn if not used properly
  2. If the user forgets to turn off the water heater, then it will be burnt
  3. If the usage period increases, the Probability of shock also increases
  4. Do not if children in your home.
  5. We may not interact with water to check the temperature
  6. Not suitable for larger families
  7. The coil takes time to cool after heating water.


Immersion water heater vs geyser:

Immersion water heater rod Geyser
1.Price starts from 300 INR, anyone can purchase easily 1.Price starts from 3000 and these are a bit expensive
2.Portable and one can take it to anywhere 2.Not portable and fixed
3.The quantity of hot water is limited  3.The quantity of hot water depends upon the model
4.Not recommended using in the presence of children 4.One can use it very safely 
5.You need to fill the water and then switch it on (time is taken) 5.No need to hustle just switching on is enough
6.Auto switch-off is not available 6.Auto switch-off is available


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Best Immersion Water Heater In India

how to use an immersion water heater in a plastic bucket?

You can make use of any wooden stick. Place a stick horizontally on the top of the plastic bucket and with the help of a water heater holder, dip the heater into the water.

How to clean immersion water heater rod?

Take any cutting blade and scratch all the stain or colored material on the heater. Then, use the rust paper to clean well. But, Its recommended buying a new one if the old damaged.

How much electricity does the immersion water heater use?

If the wattage is more than, water will be boiled at a low time. So, if you buy the higher wattage water heater then, you can get a lower power bill.

Where to buy an immersion water heater?

You can buy immersion water heater rods at Amazon, Flipkart, or its dedicated stores. But, make sure the product has a warranty of at least a year.

Is immersion water heater safe?

Not exactly, But you can use it if you are living in a home where children are absent. Make sure to follow the basic precautions for safer usage.

What is the best brand of immersion water heater?

The brands Rico, Bajaj, Havells, V-Guard, Usha, and Crompton are the best immersion water heater brands.

Immersion water heater side effects?

It may dry your skin, headache, color loss, etc.

Which is the best immersion water heater in India?

Rico and Bajaj are the recommended brands, One can choose anyone water heater with the best wattage as per reviews and ratings.


Honestly, I cannot recommend buying immersion water heaters. These are really dangerous, please try to invest a little more and go for storage or instant geysers. I have already written about these two categories with the best knowledge. Please navigate to those blog posts and try to get knowledge at least. But, If you are living alone and not able to invest more then lastly prefer buying Immersion rods. And, feel free to leave a comment below, Suggestions are welcome.

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