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The fact is the love, care, and affection between the newborn child and the mother won’t be achieved with these manual breast pumps (feeding). But, people are very busy with their schedules and a lot of new appliances (Breast Pumps) are invented to manage both time and energy. However, they are helpful but one should learn the fact that “We have to use them only when needed”. The regular usage of them may affect in different ways.

best manual breast pump
Best Manual Breast Pump India 2022

There are two types of breast pumps i.e; manual breast pumps & electric breast pumps. I would love to write a separate in-depth article related to the electric variant. In these, we will look into the in-depth manual breast pumps in India 2022.

What is a Manual Breast Pump?

The meaning is in its name, Manual breast pumps are helpful to extract milk from mother breasts manually. The best thing with this manual variant pump is she can able to manage the suction speed while pumping the milk. Unlike the electrical breast pump, these are much similar to the baby suction and also give the best comfort while pumping.

It allows you to extract the milk from one breast at a time. She can follow the most common methods like pulling and pressing. The best method can be chosen and followed at her convenience.

Now, we will look into the best manual breast pumps in India 2022 along with reviews and the buying guide. All products are listed as per the reviews and ratings from the customer who made their purchase at amazon. So, our reviews are trustworthy and we never recommend new and unrated products to our readers.

Manual Breast Pump IndiaMaterialBuy Now
haakaa Manual Silicone Breastfeeding Food Grade Milk PumpSiliconeBuy At Amazon
Philips Avent BPA Free Comfort Manual Breast PumpPolypropyleneBuy At Amazon
Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Breast Pump SiliconeBuy At Amazon
NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast PumpSiliconeBuy At Amazon
Medela Manual Harmony Single Hand Breast PumpSiliconeBuy At Amazon

Best Manual Breast Pump in India 2022

1. haakaa Manual Silicone Breastfeeding Food Grade Milk Pump

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Haakaa manual breast pump is one of the award-winning breast pumps and is highly recommended by doctors. This pump is highly portable and one can carry this in their bags and it doesn’t require much area. Since the material is silicone, it will provide the utmost comfort to breasts while squeezing.

Another best thing about this manual pump is that the flange of this haakaa pump is designed to fit all shapes and sizes. Only, one has to search for the best place, relax and pump the milk. The bottle which is responsible to store the milk is transparent. So, the mother can able to see the capacity of the pumped milk.

The same manual breast pump brand is available in different variants such as storage capacity, stopper, and collector. It is BPA free which means the compound named Bisphenol is not used in manufacturing the product. You may aware of BPA, If the presence of BPA in manufacturing any product or bottle may harm our health. So, this manual breast pump is BPA-free.

Haakaa branded breast pump is highly rated and reviewed so one can prefer buying this model if interested. Maintaining along with cleaning the pump are given as instructions inside the box. You may explore it to enhance your knowledge of using the pump.

Highly rated and award winning brand in manufacturing breast pumps
Material used is Silicone 

2. Philips Avent BPA Free Comfort Manual Breast Pump

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The soft massage cushion will add an additional comfort while pumping the milk. Trustworthy brand to pick the best manual breast pump in India. Since Philips is one of the top trusted brands on amazon, It will surely deliver top-class performance.

Easy in assembling parts. Similar to the above product Philips Avent manual breast pump is also BPA-free and portable. But, the main difference between both products is the material used and the petal-shaped cushion.

She can extract the milk gently with the help of an upright pumping handle. 125 ml of feeding bottle along with two breast pads will be offered inside the packing box.

This manual pump will help you to feel the best pleasure while filling the bottle with milk. The compounds used in manufacturing the product are not harmful and one should clean the parts well before using them again.

Material used in it is Polypropylene 
It is not compatible with the dishwasher to wash
The cushion helps in proper fitting of nipple & gives the utmost comfort.

3. Chicco Natural Feeling Manual Breast PumpĀ 

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If you are willing to purchase the best manual breast pump with the average amount then Chicco manual breast pump would be a wise choice. Because, It is portable, premium in design, and easy in assembling. The Additional silicone cup will fit perfectly with the breasts and make you feel comfortable while pumping the milk.

The ergonomic handle allows you to make the process easier. With this manual breast pump, A mother can feel the real child sucking. So, it is called a natural feeling manual breast pump.

Even though it is made in Italy, this product is highly rated and purchased on amazon by a lot of users. They are offering 150 ml of the container along with 2 breast pads.

Comes with the 2 phase technology for proper milk flow
Silicone material is used 
compatible with all Chicco bottles.

4. NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

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It will come up with a strap so that you can adjust the pump as per your comfort level and pump the milk. This strap will be more helpful to you. As you can even collect the milk when traveling or you are in some urgent office work.

You just need to pump once and the rest will take care of by the breast pump. Since the material used is silicone it gives premium comfort and it is safe for usage.

Every milk drop means a lot to the baby- so, it is perfect for fitting your breasts and there will be no leakage of milk.

The company is having the best experience (20 years) in manufacturing breast pumps. You can also get the pump stand, and stopper inside the box.

All in one manual breast pump
Highly rated manual breast pump in amazon 
Light weight & portable too.
Silicone material- Safe 

5. Medela Manual Harmony Single Hand Breast Pump

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So, Last but not least- Medela manual harmony breast pump is the best if you are only willing to spend huge. As we know, if the cost is more, features will be at mount everest.

It comes with the best-fit breast shield for the ultimate breastfeeding experience while pumping milk. Like the Chicco breast pump, it is also used the two-phase technology. This results in expressing more milk along with the real baby sucking pleasure.

It is more flexible and can be adjustable in 360 degrees. 150 ml of milk bottle container along with the covering lid and stand will be offered in the box.

In simple words, I can say that it is the best manual breast pump that comes with all the necessary features.

The reason it stood in last place is due to its price. Eventhough it is expensive but it is worth buying. Highly rated manual breast pump in India.

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How to use the manual breast pump?

  • Cover the areola with the shield of the breast pump to avoid leakage.
  • Make sure that the nipple is inserted into the shield properly.
  • As it is manual breast up,p so you are only able to express milk from one breast at a time. so, hold the bottle with one hand and press the ergonomic handle of the pump with the another hand.
  • Ensure that the squeezing process may be done with a certain pattern. Not too slow or fast.
  • If milk is not extracted, It is recommended to massage the breast for a while.
  • Else, reposition the shield and repeat the procedure for proper flow
  • It is recommended to do this entire procedure in a pleasant place where a mother gets much more relaxed.

These are the simple steps one should follow to express milk manually from the best manual breast pump.


I hope now you are well enough to choose the best manual breast pump in India 2022 from the above-recommended products list. In a nutshell, one should ensure that a breast shield, feeding bottle, stand, lid, and handle are the most essential components in the breast pump. Ensure the necessary features and pick the best as per your budget range. Also, Kindly follow the instructions mentioned in the user manual. Make sure that you clean parts of the breast pump well before using it.


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