Best Selling Geyser in India 2022

Best Energy Efficient Geyser In India 2022

The brand Crompton is well known in manufacturing home & kitchen appliances. Also, one of the fastest growing brands in India in the era of appliances. As we aware appliances like Iron box, Geyser and an induction stoves consumes much energy. To over come the electricity bill hike issues, we must ensure purchasing the right and energy efficient appliances.

Crompton Arno Neo is the best storage geyser in India with an affordable price along with the best features. Even, A.O Smith does well but it is expensive. If you ever search an effective geyser with low cost then this would be the wise pick. I cannot say that it’s price is that much low but it is worth buying.

Well, let us explore in-depth !!

Crompton Arno Neo 25-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater (Geyser) with Advanced 3 Level Safety (White)

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best energy efficient geyser in India 2022
Crompton Geyser- 5 star

This Crompton geyser comes up with different storage variants such as 6, 10, 15, and 25 Liters. If you are not sure about the storage you required for your bathroom, Just go through the article here about the geyser buying guide 2022.

Talking about the heating element, copper tends to raise the water temperature in minutes. Maximum it will take 10 minutes to heat water. However, It depends on the amount of storage. But, copper is a powerful heating element.

The auto cutoff is one of the best features in geysers. It is responsible to slow down the unit cost. This feature will surely reduce the power bill. So, It is called a 5-star rated geyser. No more worries whenever you forget to turn off the geyser, this feature will deal the things.

Since it is a metallic body, It is highly rustproof. So this geyser will be durable for years. One of the best features includes malfunctioning auto turn-off. It means whenever something went wrong with the geyser, It will automatically shut down by itself. This feature seriously prevents a lot of damage. Also, the nano polybond technology additionally enhances the shield performance to not to rust.

The inner tank is also durable for years because the material used is stainless steel. Finally, temperature adjustable knobs make things easier.


  • Safety Valve included
  • Auto cut off whenever the temperature reached to desired.
  • Energy Efficient geyser
  • The best-selling geyser in India.
  • Noncorrosive
  • Metal body, durable for years.
  • Better warranty up to 5 years.
  • Affordable geyser.


  • No free installation

By looking into all these impressive features at a low cost, everyone picks this geyser to enjoy their winter season. Do let me know your thoughts regarding this, your suggestions are always welcome. Let our readers know much about it (:


Alright guys, If you seriously, want to buy the best-selling geyser in India in the mid-price range, Crompton Arno Neo is the best geyser will almost all the necessary features. And, If you look at the A.O Smith geyser, the same features are included in it. The prime difference is cost. A.O Smith is expensive when compared to this Crompton geyser. But, there are slight changes like internal rod material, build quality, and the time taken to heat the water. I have already written a detailed article about A.O Smith geyser just read it if you need more info regarding it. Happy Winter 2022 (:

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