Gas Stove Buying Guide India 2022

The gas stove is the prime appliance in the kitchen which without this is nothing. From breakfast to dinner, every cooking item must be done with it. And, Gas stove is the most loved kitchen appliance by every woman. Not only women but also men. Since it will be in every kitchen so we ensure that it can be durable for years, you may cook the big stuff or little but whatever, you should purchase the best gas stove for the kitchen.

gas stove buying guide
Gas Stove Buying Guide India 2022- Sthupam

Nowadays every appliance is coming to the market with special and authentic features. So, Every modern homemaker like to have an elegant gas stove that suits the kitchen with a good appearance. But, along with the design, a gas stove must function well.

Most probably, Everyone looks into the features of a gas stove, the material used in it, the durability and the burners, everything. Also, you might have asked yourself. “Which company gas stove is best in India?” or “How do I choose a good gas stove?”

Preferring the best gas stove will make things easier and also durable for years. So, one should look into the essential features of a gas stove before purchasing it. Here, we prepared the in-depth gas stove buying guide 2022 that help you to pick the best gas stove for the Indian kitchen.

But, If you are already aware, We prepared the list of top gas stove brands in India. Also, a detailed review of gas stoves.

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The above picks are chosen from the reviews and ratings of Amazon customers. So, most selections we made are always strong & standard. Also, we highly encourage your assumptions and picks. But, the gas stove buying guide will surely help you to confirm your assumption was correct.

What should we check before buying a gas stove?

Which burner is good for gas stove?

The number of burners of a gas stove will depend on how much food you are cooking per day. Mostly, 4 burners will be preferred if the family is joint or big in India. And, 2 to 3 burners if the family is middle class.

  • For the Individuals or hostelers- 1 Burner Gas Stove
  • For Small families- 2 Burner Gas Stove
  • For a Middle-class family- 3 Burner Gas Stove
  • For a Joint family- 4 Burner Gas Stove

If the burners count more, it absolutely consumes more gas. However, it depends on the family. Instead of spending a huge amount for the 4 burner gas stove, It will be the best choice if you select the gas stove with 3 burners. It will save time, gas, and bucks. And, It would the best choice if you consider buying induction cooktop if you are an individual or of two.

Which Gas Stove is better auto ignition or manual?

Auto-ignition is a modern feature. The name itself explains the meaning. When you turned the gas on it automatically ignite the stove. It works with the battery. On the other hand, manual ignition needs a lighter or match stick to light the stove.

Nothing much difference between these ignitions except for the safety feature. Auto ignition is somehow better than manual ignition. But, the fact we know that, If the feature is contemporary, the cost will be lofty. So, If you are full of your pockets, choose the best.

But, you need to check whether the battery is in working mode. If there is a problem with the auto-ignition cost of damage will be high. But, handling with care can eliminate this issue.

Which burner is best aluminum or brass?

Usually, the burner is manufactured with aluminum or brass. Comparing these two, brass burners play a vital role in distributing the heat evenly which is directly proportional to the faster cooking and gas-saving. Also, it is a very good conductor of heat and even protects from corrosion. So, brass burners are durable but, expensive.

When comes the aluminum burners, are easy to afford and it is also a good heat conductor but, it no more lasts longer than expected. Because aluminum burners are less resistant.

So, Go with the brass burners and choose aluminum only if the budget is constrained.

Which body material is best for gas stove?

Body materials are stainless steel or glass. If you are having a modern kitchen with an elegant wall, you should prefer buying a gas stove with toughened glass that can bear high temperatures. But, Glass gas stoves are expensive and look astounding. It is recommended to use the kitchen chimney if you are going to buy a gas stove with a glass surface.

Stainless steel is ordinary and easy to afford. Don’t pick the one with a design because, performance matters. Choose wisely based on your budget.

Gas stove price and warranty

This is also one of the important factors when purchasing a gas stove. Because, If you are unlucky the appliance will stop working by the next day of purchase. So, a gas stove must be with at least 1 year of warranty.

Almost all reputed gas stove companies will offer the best warranty period. But, ensure it well before purchasing the appliance. Explore the nearest service centers of the best gas stove brands in India. If possible have a visit and confirm your questions regarding the service of a gas stove.

If the features are extreme, the price will touch the sky. Also, It is not sure that you are gonna use all features provided in the gas stove. So, choose the best one from the above-recommended picks as per your budget.

Some of the well-reputed and top gas stove brands in India are Elica, Prestige, Sunflame, Life Long, and Pigeon.

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