How does electric geyser work


Electric geyser working is quite easy to understand. During winter, The most purchasable appliance is a geyser. Various types of geysers like storage geyser, instant geyser, gas geyser, etc.

Well, If you understand the working of thermostat then it will be very easy to answer this question how does electric geyser work?

electric geyser parts diagram
Electric Geyser Parts

In an electric geyser, one steel tank is surrounded and there will be two pipes. One is for water inlet i.e water coming from water tank and the next is water outlet i.e hot water from the geyser.

A thermal Insulator is arranged around the geyser to protect heat loss from inside. Also, polyester and ceramic thermal insulators were used in it and the outer unit is covered with a plastic or a metal body.

The important unit in the electric geyser is a heating element. In some geysers, there will be a count of 2 heating elements and a single too. Well, You can read in detail about the heating element in a geyser here.

What is a Thermostat?

A Thermostat is present inside the heating element of the geyser. If the water reaches the maximum temperature then, the thermostat will automatically cut off the power supply to the heating element.

And, If there is a low temperature i.e cool water, again thermostat will pass the electricity to the heating element and therefore, it will start heating water again.

Simply, I can say that “Thermostat is a sensing device that senses internal temperature and helps to reach the desired temperature automatically“.

There are a few types of thermostats were available in the market. Let us see how it works.

Electric Geyser Working Principle (Thermostat Working)

As we well know that, Metals expand when heating and compress while cooling. But, Some metals expand vast and some expand a bit. Let me explain you with a simple diagram

thermostat working figure 1
Pic credits: YA Electronics

thermostat working figure 2
Pic credits: YA Electronics

From the above first figure, You can find two metals named Metal A & Metal B and both were attached each other. Here one metal will expand more and the next will expand a bit while heating.

A metal plate is attached to the club of metals (A & B). Also, one battery is taken for the power, additionally an electric bulb too.

As well a couple of wires are connected among them. Now, if you started switching on the battery then, the bulb will glow.

From the above second figure, you can observe that a metal plate is not connected to the two combined metals. This is because of expansion of those two metals. Then immediately bulb stops glowing, due to connection missing at a metal plate.

Well, here the expansion happens due to the heat produced from the candle light source.

Now, let us assume the same in geyser…

If tank water temperature is low, then automatically heating element will start to heat water. Once tank water reaches the desired / maximum temperature then, Automatically thermostat will cut off the power supply and the heating element would not produce any heat.

This is what all about the thermostat, Hope you got things well.

Electric Geyser Parts:

The parts of an electric geyser are

  1. steal tank
  2. anode rod
  3. heating element
  4. drain valve
  5. tank water in
  6. hot water out
  7. pressure relief valve
  8. Insulation
  9. Outer case

At the bottom of the geyser, there will be a drain valve that helps to sent wastewater out from the geyser. Also, A positively charged anode rod is fixed at the top of the geyser and it will absorb all the minerals in the water. It prevents the water tank from rusting.

Finally, A pressure relief valve also presents in the geyser. Sometimes due to some reasons if there is an issue with the geyser while heating water then water will be evaporated and huge pressure will be stored inside the tank.

As a result, To prevent tank blasts this pressure will be sent out through this pressure relief valve.

That’s the end !!


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