How to clean split ac indoor unit

No need to call an AC technician to clean split ac because it doesn’t even require an ac cleaning kit too. It means you can clean yourself at home.

Well, Before going for cleaning one must know why we need to clean air conditioner?

split ac cleaning tips
split ac cleaning

If you try to open the front panel of AC then, you can observe a set of filters and in some air conditioners, bacteria filters also exist.

While cooling the internal room temperature, AC will absorb hot air in our room through these filters. So, All the dust and bacteria will be left on the filters.

If we failed to clean them, we might face issues like throat infections, colds, and coughs. Also, If a lot of dust stood on these filters, the cooling room will take a longer time than usual.

However, we have to clean our air conditioners thoroughly to avoid the above problems. It is recommended to clean filters at least once per month.

Also, keeping the ac cleaning apart. We must clean our room too.

Cleaning our room help to decrease dust in ac filters. Well, I hope this is quite enough to educate you based on our topic. I Will move to the cleaning section…

Split AC Cleaning

  1. The first step we should do while cleaning or looking into an electrical appliance is turning the power off. Yes, Remove the plug from a socket.
  2. Initially, you need to take out the air filters by opening the front panel of an air conditioner. (Look out if there are any clamps on sides if no, open the panel very carefully)
  3. You can even take out if there are any additional bacteria filters too. (For some air conditioners, bacteria filters were attached and we can’t separate them)
  4. Well, then clean the indoor unit around with the help of a soft bristle brush. Please don’t use water for cleaning. Instead, you can use a dry cloth for a clean purpose.
  5. Now, using the same type of bristle brush clean ac inside too. Do not use the brush too hard because it may damage the internals. (If no bristle brush, you can use a normal toothbrush for cleaning). Also, you can use a toothbrush for removing dust in the corners.
  6. Now, with the help of toothbrushes, take off dust from AC filters. Later apply some water to filters and clean again.
  7. Well, after washing the filters wipe off them with the help of a dry cloth. And, wait up to a couple of minutes to dry completely.
  8. Then, arrange filters as it is in the indoor unit and close the front panel too. (Ensure that filters must be dry)
  9. Turn on the Air conditioner and run the AC for some time. Then, it will clean everything again and you can even observe a change of water color initially.
  10. That’s All, perform all steps properly to clean split ac !!

Air Conditioner Self Cleaning Technology

Nowadays, Most air conditioners are manufactured with the latest features like wifi, self diagnose, IoT, etc.

Well, some air conditioners come with a self-cleaning function. This will be very helpful for cleaning air conditioners without any manpower requirement.

Just simply, you can find an option in your AC remote related to self-clean. You can activate that function and wait up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Mostly, In the summer season air conditioners will run for a long time. During this time, the formation of dust also more so to avoid manual cleaning of an air conditioner and health issues, This feature plays a vital role.

Also, there will be some dedicated split ac sprays which you have to spray them on the air filters in the indoor unit and wait until it soaks. Later, you can use self cleaning function if needed.

You can even prefer an air blower or an air compressor to remove dust. But, you should have an eye while using this type of methods !!

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