How to increase laptop performance for gaming

No matter how huge you are invested in your gaming laptop, You should maintain it well to overcome the FPS drop issues, game lagging, sudden FPS drop, or a game consuming much time to open. Also, these sudden game crashes in between will make us break the laptop. Yes, right !!

gaming laptop 2022
Gaming Laptop Performance Tips 2022

A gaming laptop is a heavy-duty laptop that comes with vast features & specifications. Some of the important features that come with the best gaming laptop in India are a Graphic card of at least 1050 Ti or 1650 Ti, RAM with 8 GB, a Hard disk with 1 TB or an SSD with 512 GB, Intel or AMD processor, etc. I have already made a detailed guide on purchasing the best gaming laptop along with the list of best gaming laptops in India under 60k.

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Well, let us dive into in-depth increasing gaming laptop performance.

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6 ways to improve laptop performance for gaming

Gaming performance on a PC is better than on a laptop. This doesn’t mean that we can’t play high games on laptops. A laptop comes with limited specifications and It doesn’t permit upgrading the mandatory hardware items. For instance, it is not possible to upgrade the graphic card on the laptop.

Only, a few hardware changes we may try to. Such as upgrading RAM, Installing additional SSD for better performance, etc. But, the PC contains a separate box known as a CPU. It is the room for all hardware items. As you can build as per your requirement. Well, let us know about how to improve the gaming laptop performance in 10 ways.

1. Make your gaming laptop dust & dirt free (Cleaning)

It doesn’t require to have technical knowledge. Anyone can do it in minutes. The first thing you should know about any laptop or computer is dust is one of the most common reasons that make laptops slow. Dust may enter the laptop in many ways. It can be formed through the ventilation of the laptop or It may enter through the laptop keys. There are several ways though. We can’t stop entering, but we can prevent it by cleaning and maintaining our laptops in a proper way.

So, the purpose of cooling fans inside the gaming laptop is to eject the heat from the ventilation and ensure that the internal system is cool. If the system is cool you will get the astounding gaming experience from your laptop else, you may end up restarting and playing the game from starting. Internal cooling fans may not function properly if they are covered with dust. This results in FPS down or game lagging. So, ensure that your keyboard is clean and avoid using the keyboard as a plate to place your foodstuff, drinks, etc.

2. Do possible hardware changes (Upgrading Hardware)

Mostly gaming laptops come up with the required specifications to handle high-level laptop games. But, if you wanna enjoy playing laptop games in Ultra mode without any FPS down or lagging, you should consider upgrading the RAM. As we are aware, RAM helps to enhance the memory and it will take care of the speed and memory of the particular game required to run smoothly.

Also, Instead of installing the game on a local hard disk, it will be best if you could try installing it on an SSD. Some laptops may come with SSD and some we need to install. If your laptop has 256 GB of an SSD you must upgrade it to 512 GB or more. It’s all about how huge the game size is.

But, You will get the ultimate gaming experience with an SSD & RAM and it is damn fact. So, If needed, upgrade RAM, Hard disk, or add SSD. If you are not interested in upgrading for any reason, You can avoid heating issues by lowing up the game settings to medium or high level than ultra.

3. Gaming Drivers download and update

Some of the laptops come up with driver-checking software. Mostly, all drivers will come up with the operating system but, for some, we need to install and update from the GPU managing software such as Nvidia control panel or AMD or intel. You might get display issues and crashing issues if no drivers are installed.

Also, If you are trying to play the cracked game or nulled game windows will block you from it and the only way is to turn off the real-time protection from the control panel. But, It is harmful to your laptop. You must update the drivers along with the operating system.

Apart from the gaming drivers, make sure that audio and display drivers are also updated. Since, audio is very important for gameplay you should check with the audio driver updates such as Realtek, Dolby, etc. DirectX is much needed in today’s games. Mostly, the current version of DirectX is 11. It is automatically updated with the windows update.

4. Power & Battery Management

The battery is the most important thing we must look out for in laptops. But when coming to gaming laptops, Instead of battery the majority of people will look into other specs like graphic card, RAM capacity, refresh rate, SSD, etc. The most common mistakes done by gamers are they play games on a laptop without connecting to the charger. Some games require high memory to run but the system must need continuous power flow to give the best output else your game will be laggy.

If you are about to play high-end games, ensure that your laptop is connected to the charger. Also, don’t overcharge the laptop while using it for usual purposes like watching movies, listening to songs, and browsing. Simple, you can adjust the battery settings in the control panel.

Use the laptop till 10% of charging and charge the laptop up to 90% at least. Follow this randomly and it results in keeping battery health good. It is better to unplug the charger if the power is fluctuated and is not consistent. Mistakenly also, don’t prefer connecting with another laptop charger to recharge your laptop.

5. Disable startup applications

You may not know that some applications on your laptop will start consuming memory immediately when the system is turned on. Those will run in the background and consumes memory till you noticed and stopped them. But, with simple steps, you can disable those startup applications.

  • Navigate to the task manager by pressing ctrl + alt + del
  • In the task manager tabs, select the startup
  • Right-click on any application which is not needed and hit disable.

By disabling startup applications you will get the maximum memory and the FPS won’t drop for sure.

6. External Keyboard and mouse

As a gamer, I know how fast and how rough the usage of trackpads and keys on the keyboard is. So, If you are a real gamer it is recommended to purchase the external keyboard and mouse to avoid losing the texture and damaging the keys of a laptop keyboard. We already made a list of the best keyboard for gaming 2022.

A gaming mouse will help you to play games like a pro. Because 6 to 7 buttons will be given to the mouse you can control the game by itself. You can check out the best gaming mouse in India 2022.

So, you can feel free to use the keyboard and mouse rough and tough because they are meant and purchased to play games and won’t cause any harm to your laptop.

Let us recap…

How to improve gaming performance on the laptop

  1. Make a habit of cleaning your laptop with a smooth cloth & liquid (Not water) regularly.
  2. Upgrade with RAM & additional SSD if needed for better performance.
  3. Plug-In charger while playing games.
  4. Ensure that, gaming drivers and DirectX are updated.
  5. make sure that your windows are updated and using the latest version (Windows 11).
  6. Turn off all background applications that are not needed.
  7. Purchase a gaming keyboard and mouse.


A bonus tip for you guys, Never use a laptop on pillows, bedsheets, laps, etc. Buy the multipurpose laptop table for better use. It is highly portable and you can use this table on your bed too. Also. please play in a cool environment when you tend to play for a very long time. It makes your system cool and helps the system run game without any lag. Hope the info is much needed for you guys, Happy Gaming !!

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