How to reduce heat in our body (Pitta Dosha)

We can reduce heat in our body by following simple methods without using any medicare. Do you get pimples heavy? sudden hair loss, acidity, acne, grey hair well if yes, an excessive amount of heat is generating in your body.

Symptoms like over sweating, dry throat, itching, ulcers, and heartburn were also resulted in causing overheat in our body.

Totally, there is no use of medicines or products if you are failed to get rid of this problem. Well, You may recover from medicines but this is not a permanent solution.

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Eliminate body heat

No worries, I will tell you 5 best tips to beat the heat this summer

During summer due to heavy temperature, Heat in our body also increases. I can say that, excessive heat in our body is the reason for all the side effects. Also, it is called Pitta Dosha.

Not only climatic conditions and environmental factors but also taking wrong food, alcohol, stress, anger will effects excessive heating in our body. Now, will move to 5 unknown tips to reduce heat in our body (pitta dosha).

How to get rid of heat in your body?

1. Hydrotherapy

  • Take a bucket and fill it half with a normal water
  • Secondly, throw some ice cubes into it
  • Pour rose water little (up to 1 tb spoon)

That’s All, now you can dip your feet into it and can relax for up to 10 to 15 minutes. In between, do massage to your feet for a while. Veins in the feet are connected to remaining body parts, Hydrotherapy increases blood flow to all the organs.

Also, toxins will be removed and Cold feet bath is one of the best method to get rid of heat in our body. You can do hydrotherapy at any time but preferring night times will be the best. Because, this results in good and healthy sleep.

Well, you can also read a book while taking cold feet bath.

2. Rice Water

Rice water is also known as Tandulodaka. As per Ayurveda it is used to treat for eliminating of excessive heat in our stomach & body.

  • Take 10 gm of rice
  • Crush slightly and pour the mixture in a mud pot
  • Pour 60 ml of water in a mud pot
  • Cover with a lid and leave it for 2 to 3 hours alone.
  • Finally, filter the rice water and drink

If you are not having a mud pot, you can even prefer any glassware. But, mud pot gives the best and instant result. Also, do not use any ice cubes or do not keep the water in a fridge. Drink the filtered rice water naturally.

It will be best if you have this rice water before at least 30 mins to lunch. Also, you can even have it with an empty stomach.

Taking 2 times a day will be more than enough. There will be a high amount of vitamin B in rice water and it acts as an instant cooler that deals with bleeding disorders, urine pain, skin rashes, ulcers, oral-related problems, and hair fall.

For the best and effective results, prefer using unpolished semi brown rice.

3. Sandal Wood Paste

Sandal Wood contains the best cooling properties so it is used since ancient ages to get rid of over heat in body. Mostly in India, Sandal Wood plays a major role for preparing medicines, soaps too.

It is also known as chandan. This method only requires two ingredients they are rose water and chandan.

  • Take some chandan powder in a cup
  • Add little rose water to it (1 tb spoon is quite enough)
  • Stir well for the mixture
  • Apply this mixture to a forehead
  • You can even use this mixture on pimples/acne

Pure sandal will be much effective on cooling entire body, mind, and nervous system. You can prefer this method at exams time to enhance your concentration. Else, you can even apply this mixture to entire body.

You can purchase this sandal wood from the near grocery shops else order online.

4. Shithali Breath

Shithali breath is also called a cooling breath. It is a yogic method which deals with eliminating heat in our body almost instantly.

  • Place cloth or mat and sit properly with a straight back
  • Keep both hands on knees (like yoga)
  • Bring your tongue out a little and fold sides like a tube
  • now, try to take a breath from the tongue and exhale through your nostrils.
  • Repeat up to 8 to 10 times

It is also one of the best techniques to reduce heat in our body. Well, You can even try this shithali breath by sitting on a chair. While practicing itself you can observe the feel. (Traditional Method)

5. Food Is A Medicine

Well, keeping the above tips/methods apart this would be the best and prime tip to remove heat in our body.

There will be some food items which leads to cause heat and also there will be some which cool downs the body right !!

Mostly, spicy and sour items enhances heat in our body (except Amla & lemon). So, if you are suffering from over heat then it will be more better to avoid junk foods, preserved foods, and masala items also.

Sweet and bitter foods will helps in cooling our body so, you can enjoy eating fresh sweets but do take a look at their manufaturing.

Ensure that shakkar and mishri are utilized while preparing sweets. Else, a lot of chemicals were used in preparing normal sugar. Well, let me conclude with a list…

  • Shakkar and Mishri cool down the body
  • Avoid drinking water from the fridge. Because you may know that fridge water produce heat in our body.
  • Soak dry fruits in water before you consume
  • Prefer eating natural water content fruits like watermelon, kharbhuja, Kheera, etc
  • Vegetables like a bitter guard, bottle guard, etc.
  • Also, coconut water is the best medicine to treat heat in our body.
  • Instead of refined oil, make use of cow ghee in cooking. Because cow ghee will help in maintaining body temperature.

Guys, I am sure that if you make use of any method from the above you can see results in days. Also, you can reduce heat in your body easily if you can manage a proper diet. Stay Cool !!

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