How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables


Removing pesticides from fruits and vegetables are quite easy but, a regular method like washing under tap water is not the solution for it. Well, you know what is really happening at the grassroots level?

Yeah !! You will be shocked that almost 98% of all fruits and vegetables are growing with the help of pesticides. Also, some amount of bacteria and pesticides were left on them.

The fact is now we are purchasing those !!

remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables at home
Remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables

The unknown interesting fact is, General washing under tap water even up to 30 secs also those pesticides were not gone off easily.

It is one of the most serious problems nowadays. But, I will share with you some of the best practices to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

From the last 10 years using pesticides and chemicals in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables increases effectively. This is due to the sudden increase in our country’s population and we all know that food is one of the essential factors for living.

You know what, If you eat food without removing pesticides mixture on the surface then it results in problems like hormonal imbalance, diarrhea, Food poisoning, and a few more.

Before looking into solutions, will let you know this thing !!

Types of chemicals used on fruits and vegetables

Well, Usually there are 3 types of chemical agents were used in grocery shops

1. Ripening Agents

Ripening agents are mostly used on fruits like bananas and mangoes. Calcium Carbide is one of the most used ripening agents. It is used to ripe raw fruits faster that helps to sell seasonal fruits in unseasonable times.

Which leads to have a massive business growth and high profits to the seller.

Heavy dangerous metals like lead and arsenic were present in this industrial calcium carbide which results in damaging our body.

2. Coating Agents

Coating agents like wax, Diphenylamine (DPA) were mostly used on Apples, Grapes, and Imported fruits. The benefit of using these coating agents is, it will preserve the moisture and consistency of fruits.

Also, It will help fruits fresh till they completes their journey (Transportation) to cold storage’s.

You might have noticed a white color shade on black grapes? It is a type of chemical which keeps grapes fresh and also it prevents them from getting soggy.

Wax is a petroleum product and DPA is something related to nitrogen. Well, Totally I can say that these are dangerous to our body.

3. Pesticides

Now will see about pesticides, Systematic pesticides were applied at the bottom roots of trees. Therefore, roots will absorb easily and transits to each and every branch, leaves, flowers, and fruits.

This pesticides will live up to 15 days and protects from pests, insects and leaf diseases.

The next pesticide is Contact pesticides, This is like sprays which will be sprayed on fruits and vegetables. These are the most reason for ill.

But, we can protect ourselves by preferring organic food. Mostly Organic food items were not grown by using pesticides. Alternative methods and items will be used to grow them which are not much effective for bad health.

Well, here purchasing and using organic food items were not possible to all. Because they are expensive. But, I will share with you the tips that exactly help you to remove 98% of pesticides on fruits and vegetables.

Steps to remove chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables

  1. Add all the fruits and vegetables in a big container
  2. Pour water until they soaked well
  3. Add some amount of baking soda in the container, You can easily get baking soda from general shops and online too.
  4. After that, Leave the container for up to 20 minutes.
  5. Now, take out the fruits or vegetables one by one and wash them properly under running tap water.

Baking soda will be helpful to remove pesticides 97% on fruits and vegetables and it is alkaline in nature, From the next onwards, do wash all your fruits and vegetables in a baking soda solution.

How to deal with ripening and coating agents

  • Avoid eating un-seasonal fruits. For instance, eating mangoes in the winter.
  • Stop eating imported fruits and start eating local items.

By following the above two things, we will be benefited and we will be a bit successful in taking care of our health.

Also, Instead of spending huge money for imported fruits, we can get local fruits at a cheap cost and also they are good for our body.

Our country farmers and Indian economy will be benefited, if you follow the above two points.

A few tips to clean fruits and vegetables naturally at home

  1. Peel off- Vegetables like cabbage, onion are with layers. please don’t forget to take off the top layers before washing them in a baking soda solution. Because almost the top layer of them is complete with chemicals.
  2. Do not cover any lid on the vessel while cooking a food item. Because chemicals will not evaporate and they will be immersed.
  3. Do not cut the fruits or vegetables before washing or peeling. Because if you cut or peel then there is a chance to absorb the outer chemical by the inner one.

Fruits and vegetables like apples, mangoes, grapes, bananas, brinjals, tomatoes, and papaya were mostly treated with chemicals.

Mostly, the items grown in the deeper earth were not treated with pesticides and chemicals. Like, carrot, potato, onion, etc.

Final Words

  • Please do not purchase seasonal fruits in unseasonal times.
  • Consider eating our local fruits and vegetables instead of imported
  • Always wash all the fruits and vegetables with a baking soda solution before consuming
  • For layered fruits or vegetables, remove the first layer and then follow washing with baking soda solution.
  • There is a probability to reduce pesticide effect if you cook openly (without covering a lid)
  • Try to use organic food material if possible or do follow the washing methods correctly to avoid serious problems.

Yes, Finally I hope that you got a bit knowledge on today’s farming and pesticide removal tips too.


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