How to remove smell from fridge naturally


Have you ever observed a bad smell from the refrigerator when you opened it eagerly to eat something? Yes you are, right !!

Even though we cleaned our fridge properly, we might get this rotten smell again. Well, I will tell you a couple of tips to eliminate bad odor from the fridge. But, before that let us understand some theory too.

What causes bad smell in fridge?

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Bad odor in fridge

Usually, we know that the bad smell occurs from rotten materials, expired items, spoiled vegetables & fruits. But, how is this bad odor coming?

The main reason for the bad odor is leaking gas from the utensils, boxes in our refrigerator. Don’t worry about the term gas !!

We have to ensure that each and everything in our fridge will be closed with its lid perfectly and If there is an outdated item, please avoid it in keeping the refrigerator for a long.

Well, If you kept any box or a utensil openly, then unfortunately the curry or a food item is spoiled, The molecules inside the box will evaporate to the surface in the form of a gas and this gas would cover entire the refrigerator.

Here gas is nothing but the bad odor coming from the openly bowl in a fridge.

For instance, If you take your lunch box with some food leftover. After a couple of days, you can see the molecules were evaporated to the surface. Here molecules are in constant motion.

So, if you exposed the same lunch box to the sunlight then after a couple of weeks you can see that there is no wetter and all the molecules were evaporated and the stuff becomes nasty.

The same thing happens inside the refrigerator, I will say it simply…

Molecules in the opened box / vessel will evaporate into gas and this gas will be circulated entire the refrigerator thus results the bad smell

But, we can fix it very easily with the help of below 3 instant tips

3 Tips to get rid of bad odor in Refrigerator

  1. Pour some baking soda into a small bowl or wide plate and keep it in your refrigerator. Baking soda has the capability to absorb odors so, It will help to absorb all the nasty smells in your fridge.
  2. If baking soda is absent then you can even prefer coffee grounds too. You know what, coffee grounds also absorb the bad smell and along with this a fresh coffee aroma results.
  3. However above tips are perfect but, consider this interesting tip too. Only prefer this if there are no baking soda and coffee grounds. Place a newspaper roll inside your refrigerator, It also acts as a smell absorb-er. After a couple of days, you can check the newspaper smell to confirm this tip is working perfectly !!

These are the best tips to remove smell from fridge.

How to eliminate stubborn odor in your refrigerator?

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Refrigerator cleaning tips

Mostly, the above 3 tips were enough to eliminate bad odor but, If they failed then you can prefer doing this, It is one of the best ways to remove smell from fridge.

Here, you need to follow 7 steps…

  1. Turn off the power supply to the refrigerator and take out all the compartments (Shelves) and food items inside. Clean it with a solution (water+venieger) then, Rinse all the compartments in another solution (water+lemon juice).
  2. Ensure that all the compartments were dry and arrange as usual.
  3. Take activated charcoal in a paper bowl and place it inside your refrigerator including the freezer.
  4. Take the baking soda packets (small) and place one each in the freezer and in the refrigerator with small openings.
  5. Collect newspapers and place them in paper bowels, add a little vanilla extract on top of the paper and place bowls one each in compartments/racks.
  6. (Optional) Take a mint and place it on the wide plate and keep it in your fridge
  7. Finally, close the refrigerator without any additional items and turn the power on.

That’s All, You need to leave your refrigerator for a couple of hours running. Ideally, you can run this until the smell gets vanished. (absorbed by inner materials)

Well, After that remove all the stuff which we placed inside to absorb bad odor, and lastly, you can start using your refrigerator as usual.

Hope, Above tips will surely help you to get remove smell from fridge. Happy Cleaning !!


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