Inverter AC vs Non Inverter AC

Currently, there are a lot of new appliances are evolved in the market with the latest technologies. Also, If you ever think that which air conditioner (AC) should I buy?

Either inverter or non inverter ac? and Which AC is best?

Well, I will clear your doubts soon. There are huge differences between both of them but, I took three primary differences which would help you to put a full stop for your all questions.

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Inverter AC vs Non Inverter AC

Usually, the prime factors that we must consider into our account while purchasing an Air Conditioner (AC) are Noise & vibration, Room temperature maintenance, and power consumption.

Yes, Alright !! now lets go to theory,

How Inverter AC is different from Non Inverter AC?

1. Noise & Vibration

Generally, we might observe a loud sound in the outdoor unit of old air conditioners (Non-Inverter Ac’s) because the compressor makes heavy noise. Also Vibration, While handling the refrigerant we may see slight vibrations too.

But, In Inverter AC it prevents both the noise and vibrations in the outdoor unit with the help of smooth running of compressor in it.

So, we can conclude that an Inverter AC is noise less while compared to Non Inverter AC

2. Room Temperature Maintenance

In Normal AC i.e Non Inverter air conditioner, If we set any temperature like 23 degrees or 24 degrees then the compressor will run continuously with the same speed until the room attains the desired temperature.

Well, the compressor will stop automatically when it reaches the desired temperature. Also, if there is any new heat enters the room the compressor will start running again at the same speed.

So, In Non Inverter AC the compressor speed and current flow are constant but maintaining room temperature is not that accurate.

But, In an Inverter Air Conditioners variable speed compressor is fixed in it. This means, If we set any temperature the compressor will run smoothly at a high speed without any noise and after reaching the fixed temperature the compressor will slow down.

And, if there is any additional heat or any new guy enters the room. It will easily sense the heat and the compressor will start running again with the variant speed.

Simply, I can say that based on the room temperature compressor will automatically adjust its speed. Like this, a compressor in an inverter ac will regulate its speed and it will maintain a constant temperature in a room.

But, here an Inverter AC will run continuously still we switch off. No worries with this.

3. Inverter vs Non Inverter AC Power Consumption

This would be the first thing all may look out for while purchasing air conditioners right !! Also, We might think about our power bill and everyone will start searching for how to reduce ac power consumption?

Cool, Let’s get to the point. Comparing with a non inverter air conditioner we can save power up to 30%-50% if we use an Inverter AC.

Having the variable compressor speed will reduce ac power consumption. Because at the time of compressor starts, It requires a huge amount of power. So, It will take huge watts of power at a time.

Hope you got what I was telling !!

Let me make it more clear to you. In a non-inverter air conditioner, the compressor will start and stop accordingly so, it consumes more power. But in an Inverter air conditioner, Compressor will start only once and at that time only it requires a huge amount of power. Once it started then compressor speed will vary based on room temperature.

So, power consumption in an inverter ac is low.

Inverter vs Non Inverter ac difference

Inverter ACNon-Inverter AC
Noiseless operationNoisy
Variable fan speedconstant fan speed
Low power consumptionPower consumption is high
ExpensiveNot Expensive
Longer Life SpanShorter while compared to Inverter AC
inverter vs non inverter ac

So, hope you understand things well. Lastly, I can conclude that purchasing an Inverter Air Conditioners are the best in these days.

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