Is it necessary to have an Air Purifier?

Air Purifier for Indian home

Like, how a water purifier works effectively to give fresh and harmless water there is a device that purifies air called an Air Purifier. Some of us aren’t aware much about this device but will swim into it.

If you want to purchase an air purifier for your room, you must store some knowledge about it in your pocket. Also, I would like to write an in-depth article regarding the best air purifiers in India in 2022.

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When do you need an Air Purifier?

Initially, the air quality index plays a vital role in buying an air purifier. Like, The index value will decide the requirement. But, what is an air quality index?

The meaning resides in the name itself. It shows how good the air is in your surroundings. Generally, the air quality index ranges from 0 to 500. Just go through the below chart for detailed info.

Air Quality Index Chart

One can easily say that the quality index range from 0 to 100 is acceptable. It means you may not need any air purifiers. But, if the number crossed 100 you must have an air purifier in your home or room for sure.

But, how do you measure the air quality in your room or home?

Yes, you need an air quality index meter to check the quality of air in your room. I have already framed a few best air quality index meters in India 2022. The above table will help you to pick the best air quality index meter for your home.

There is a high chance need of for an air purifier if you are living near traffic roads or factories. Because the gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen will be in the air which are highly toxic and may lead to serious health issues.

In India, some of the cities recorded high smog. Even smog contains a lot of particles that may harm us. But, Air Purifier will purify the internal air and gives the best feeling in our home.

You should keep in mind that, small particles in smog may not be captured by the HEPA filter but you will experience the change before and after using the air filter.

Also, You do need an air purifier if any of your family suffers from asthma. Guess what, you might clean your rooms every day with the help of a broom or vacuum cleaner. But, there are some places which you may not go and clean right!!

The air purifier will help you to eliminate at least 70% of mites in the air.

Pathogens in the air are the reason for spreading the infections like cold and flu. An air purifier will purify the air and it will kill the pathogens and stop spreading the disease to the entire family.

One last point, If you are having pets in the home, it is very better to install an air purifier in your room.

When Air Purifiers don’t work?

If we are using an air conditioner you must ensure that the room temperature is always cool or normal which means you are always used to closing the doors and windows of that particular room to keep the temperature cool. Similarly, you should close the doors and windows whenever not needed. Because if everything is open, the working efficiency of an air purifier will be very low and with it over soon dust and dirt particles may enter your room.

Air purifiers cannot block the paint smells, bad odors, etc. Also, it cannot prevent as coronavirus since the particles are less than 0.1 microns whereas the HEPA filter failed to filtrate.

How to minimize dust in your home?

Instead of brooming just go with vacuuming. Because brooming is the reason to spread tons of dust particles in the air. But the vacuum stores everything.

Do Vacuum sofas, blankets, and curtains frequently. At least once a week. This helps the air purifier to purify the air very soon.

Ensure that your home or room contains proper ventilation. Whenever you used the washrooms Do clean the floor well and maintain healthy bathrooms.

Final Words:

Now you are good to go with the air purifier if it is necessary. And, if you purchase an air purifier mostly you will get an inbuilt air quality index meter so no need to purchase the meter additionally. But, for industrial purposes, it is always best to maintain an air quality index meter. Alright!! I hope I gave the basic info regarding the air purifier do let me know and others if there are any missing points above. Inhale & Exhale fresh air (:

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