Is water leaking from Air Conditioner (AC) Indoor Unit Dangerous?

You might get this question in your mind “Can we use AC when water is leaking?” if you are really got this issue with your AC. Well, My answer is A big No. I will try to explain things clearly.

During summer mostly all were use Air Conditioners, Air Coolers & Fans for a huge time. There will be some advantages and disadvantages too. Before getting into our actual issue, Let us know the theory behind the water leaking from split AC.

water leaking ac
Why AC Release Water?

While using the air conditioner water will be released and the released water will be sent outside through the pipes. But, Why AC releases water?

Why AC Release Water?

I will start with an example first,

For instance, take a water bottle from the refrigerator, You might observe water droplets on the surface of the cooling water bottle after some time. Well, but where those droplets are coming from?

Air which is surrounded by the water bottle contains moisture too. It is not visible to our human eye because it is in a vapor form.

Whenever this moisture hits the cooling water bottle surface, then moisture will be turned into small water droplets and after some time those will be fell down (Latent heat loss). This entire process is known as condensation.

Now coming to the point, the Indoor Unit of AC contains evaporator coils along with the blower. A Refrigerant like R32 will be circulating in these coils.

So, here the blower absorbs the inner hot air and sent it back through these evaporator coils to the room.

In a word, It converting hot air to cool air so that you can receive cool air coming from the Air Conditioner.

Well, Now observe clearly. We already saw an example of a water bottle. Moisture in the air colloids any cooling interface that results in the formation of water droplets. Here the same thing happens.

While receiving the hot air from the room moisture also present in it. So, When this air is passed through the cooling coils (Cooling Refrigerant will be traveling in the evaporator coils) Automatically water drops will be formed.

To sent out those waste water, Technician will fix a water outlet pipe from the indoor unit of AC.

Hope, Now you all are familiar with why AC release water !! Now, let us look into our main cause.

Is Leaking AC Dangerous?

If the technician failed to fix the water outlet pipe correctly then, water will be rest in the Indoor Unit, and if water is more, then you can observe water leaking from split AC (drops from the indoor unit).

Please don’t try to fix this issue by yourself. It’s better to call or consult the service center for fixing.

As we know that water is coming from the evaporation coils where the refrigerant flows. So water is not good. Also, this water will evaporate into gases and it may cause some harmful diseases like nausea, headache, or even asphyxiation.

So, It is very dangerous if you use your air conditioner when water leakage and also it may cause variant diseases too.

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