Laptop specs for students 2021

The best laptop for college students is affordable and it’s not that much expensive. But, we have to ensure the required features before purchasing any laptop.

Alright !! I will explain you the basic laptop specs that actually needed for an engineering college students.

college student laptop specs
How to choose the best laptop for college students

In these pandemic days, every student should purchase the best laptop for their education (attending online classes) and for personal learning too. Well, some of the colleges and universities were already given free laptops for students.

If you wanna play games along with a study on your laptop then you have to buy the best gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are powerful and they will give a massive performance on running large software. Also, they are expensive.

There are several laptop brands like Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, and Acer. Well, I will extract the basic laptop specs for students.

Best Laptops for college students 2021 – Specifications

1. Hard disk

A hard disk is a memory device that helps you to store your files, music, movies, and stuff. For some laptops there will be an SSD (Solid State Drives) was given.

SSD will help to boost the speed and performance of your laptop and also, it is the reason for fast booting. Generally, a basic laptop will come up with at least 1 TB of storage and if you spend a bit more you can even get an SSD.

Well, The best thing is you can replace your CD drive with an SSD for further storage increment.

For students, 500 GB of storage is quite enough. Because they only store files and PDFs and some basic software related to their education which doesn’t consume a lot of space.

You might well aware that nowadays all are habituated to use the cloud. So, simply they are storing everything in the cloud (Google Drive).

Almost the basic beginner laptop come up with 1 TB of HDD for sure. But, if you need any additional memory then you can even go for a portable hard disk too.

2. Processor

Processors like Intel and AMD Ryzen will give the best performance and in fact, these 2 processors are most used in laptops.

We know that processor is the prime thing which responsible for functioning / processing the instructions.

Without moving into theory, I will conclude simply. A processor deals with all the applications and software on the pc. Higher the processor higher benefits.

“For students, Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 processors will enough for basic works but, it is recommended to purchase i5 or Ryzen 5 if you are an computer / programming enthusiast”

Because, If you are a computer engineering student you must deal with the software like c, c++, java, python, etc. For smoother running, you have to purchase the best laptop with a 5th generation processor.

3. RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is also one of the prime things that help in running software, programs smoothly without any lag.

Generally a basic of 4 GB RAM will be given with a beginner laptops but as per our requirement we can extend/upgrade our RAM by contacting dedicated service centers (Extending RAM costs a bit)

Well, let me explain a bit about RAM then you might get a knowledge bit about it.

RAM is a temporary memory which means that it only helps to execute/run the software. If power off then the data stored in RAM will be erased. Larger software requires a huge amount of RAM. You can upgrade RAM up to the Laptop limit.

“For students, Laptop with a RAM of 4 GB is good and if possible can extend up to 8 GB for better performances (8 GM RAM is must for computer science students)”

Whereas, ROM is a Read Only Memory. It is like a complete storage device which is known as a Hard Disk. It is also known as a permanent memory. If power off, then data stored in ROM won’t be erased.

4. Graphic Card

Graphics card is responsible for better graphics it means that while executing any program which results in graphics as an output then you should require Graphic Card.

Generally, for some laptops, integrated graphics will be inbuilt. We can’t upgrade our graphic card. Also, Intel and NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX will give the best performance.

Simply, I can say that for playing games with higher graphics, watching movies in 4K Ultra HD without any lag. This Graphic card plays an important role.

“For students, Integrated graphics is enough (either Intel or AMD). But if you are serious about some gaming stuff you should go with at least GTX 1050”

So, Mostly basic laptops won’t be suggested for playing games, and also games would not compatible to run if RAM and Graphics are low.

5. Display

Well, coming to the display spec there will be variants up to 18 inc also. But, the dis advantage if you choose higher is, Laptop may not fit in your bag and complex to carry it too.

“For students, 14.6 would be the preferred size and ensure that it having key board backlit feature and if possible IPS display too”

Backlit feature will help to work over night times, because light in the keyboard will make type easier.

Student Laptop Specs – Recommendations

  • i3 or Ryzen 3 processor
  • 500 GB of Hard disk
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 14.6 inch display
  • Integrated Graphics (Intel or AMD)
  • Backlit Key board, anti-glare feature
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Minimum 1 year of warranty

So, The above are the laptop specs for students and one can purchase the best student laptop in India 2021 as per their requirement.

Final Words

The above 5 are the basic laptop specs for students. We should look at while purchasing the best laptop for college students. Also, the operating system would be windows 10 and take care of the warranty too.

Make sure that the warranty period at least 1 year. Also for some laptops, MS Office will be given free up to 1 year as a student pack, Do check it out if any available.

Please notice that these specs will only suit buying a basic beginner student laptop to deal with sending & receiving emails, MS Office, Online browsing, Movies & Songs, and some software like c, c++, etc.

Best student laptop brands are Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Asus. Completely these specs are not suggested if you are looking for a laptop to play games or to edit videos.

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