Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker Review

4.4 liter rice cooker


Key Features :



  • 660 Watts of power for perfect cooking 
  • Automatic power cut off feature
  • 1.8 Liters of capacity
  • Anodized Aluminum Cooking Pan
  • Best Warranty – 2 Years on product 
  • Components like Premium Quality Anodized Aluminum Pan, Scoop, Cooking Plate, and Measuring Cup 
  • Comfortable Bridge Handles, ROHS Compliant Model
  • Low Power Consumption Feature


Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) 5.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker Specifications
Wattage 660 Watts
Voltage 220 – 240 Volts
Capacity 1.8 Liters
Brand Panasonic
Item Model SR-WA18
Weight 2Kg 670g
Included Components 1 Electric Cooker, 1 Cooking Pan, 1 Lid, Warranty card & Manual
Keep Warm NO
Warranty 2 Years on Product 
Overall Rating  4.1 out of 5 Stars



 Easy to cook and clean in a word Kids can also operate this rice cooker easily.

 Rice will be cooked within 20 minutes. Make sure that eat the rice before 15 – 20 minutes. Else it will lose moisture and you may not feel the real taste.

 The auto cut-off feature will turn off the power safely. No worries about burning rice and smell.

 This is the best Panasonic automatic rice cooker at affordable prices.

 Powerful wattage with the best warranties & Light Weight Cooker.

 Can cook up to 0.6 Kgs of rice at a time.


 Rice may get hard if we keep it for a long time without consuming it.

  No, Keep Warm Feature.


Panasonic sr wa18 e 4.4-liter automatic rice cooker comes with powerful 660 watts. Experience tension-free cooking. No worries about the bad burning of rice and smell. The auto cut-off feature lets the cooker cut the electricity immediately when its job is done. This is the best rice cooker with 4.4-liter in the Panasonic brand. Panasonic sr wa18 e price will be between 1.6k to 1.8k. 

Panasonic sr wa18 e 4.4-liter automatic rice cooker white doesn’t have Keep warm feature. So, We need to have the food earlier once the cooking is done. Then only we can feel the real taste. I can say that This is not a negative point because if you really wanna need hot food at any time just move to the Keep Warm Feature Cookers. You can easily identify them by looking into their name itself. They will contain “H” in the product name. But, Panasonic sr wa18 e is a well-rated rice cooker at a reasonable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between 660 and 700 watts?

Higher wattage helps in fast cooking.

Is it contains the Keep Warm Feature?

No. You can choose Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) for Keep warm feature

Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker Price?

The price ranges from 1.6k to 1.8k.

Does Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) 5.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker offers 2 Bowls?

No, Only Single Bowl.

What is the best automatic rice cooker in India?

Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker.


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