Prestige delight electric rice cooker prwo 1.8 2 price – Review

electric rice cooker


Key Features :


  • 2 Cooking Bowls, measuring cup, detachable power cord, Scoop all components were given.
  • 700 Watts powerful motor for faster cooking
  • 1.8 liters of capacity. i.e 1Kg of rice can be cooked at a time
  • 5 Years warranty on a heating plate & Detachable power cord
  • 1-year warranty on the product.
  • This rice cooker is having Keep warm mode
  • Closable Lid which is made up of stainless steel.
  • Cool-touch handles that are sturdy and durable for a long time.


Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker Specifications
Wattage 700 Watts
Voltage 220 – 230 Volts
Capacity 1.8 Liters
Brand Prestige
Item Model PRWO 1.8-2
Weight 2Kg 660g
Included Components

1 Electric Cooker, 2 Bowls, Scoop, Measuring jar,

1 Lid, Warranty card & Manual

Keep Warm YES

1 Year on Product & 5 Years on the heating plate and

detachable power cord

Overall Rating  4.0 out of 5 Stars



 RED and GREEN light indicators help to understand whether the rice is in cooking mode or in warm mode.

 This electric rice cooker can cook 1 Kg of rice at a time. You can even steam vegetables, Pulao, and more.

 A detachable power cord will let you carry the cooker to any place. Completely portable rice cooker.

 The additional Cooking pan is provided for cooking convenience & All components are included with the main unit.

 Best warranties for product, detachable power cord, and heating plate. (1+5 years)

 Though it’s having 700 Watts, You can experience the fast cooking of rice. 

 No, Overflowing of rice & No burning smell.


  The quality of the pans is weak.


Prestige prwo 1.8 2 700 watts delight electric rice cooker offers 2 cooking pans. Not only rice you can even cook soya pulao, steam vegetables, biriyani, and more. Easy to wash and clean. You need to keep an eye on the cooker while cooking. If the water spills take out the top lid and release the vapor pressure. You can even use the spoon to take out the sample of rice for checking whether rice is cooked or not.

If you feel well and cooked then, don’t wait for the automatic shutter. Just keep in warming mode or have the food. Because the rice may stick to the cooker base if you let the cooker to cook and warm for more time. The overall quality of the cooker is good. Prestige delight electric rice cooker prwo 1.8 2 is the price worthy cooker and the Prestige prwo 1.8 2  price ranges from 1.8k to 2.6k. Just grab the best deal !!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much electricity is consumed, If I use this cooker for 1 hour?

Less than 1 unit.

How to avoid rice water spilling in rice cookers?

Take proper measurements of water.

Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker Automatic Rice Cooker Price?

The price ranges from 1.6k to 1.8k.

Can I use cooking pans on the electric stove?


Available in Multi-colors?

Not Sure, But available in White.


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