5 Tips to reduce AC (Air Conditioner) power consumption


How to reduce power consumption in AC? This question must arise in your mind if you are using AC new. Am I right?

During summer, Most of us were using Air conditioners (AC). It will be good while using but at the time of month ending while looking into power bill automatically our body will get sweat. Well, No worries I will tell you a few tips. These will help you to reduce power consumption of AC.

Please note that you may save at least 10% to 20% but don’t expect too much !!

ac power saving tips
Air Conditioner (AC) power saving guide

Guys, It will be better if you save your power after purchasing the best AC. Actually, I have already written an article on Best AC in India you can have a look at it. Also, AC Buying Guide will help you to pick the right one.

Okay, will start with tips now…

1. Maintain a constant temperature of around 24 degrees

Coming to the first tip, We are all well known that the standard temperature of AC to cool the room is 24 degrees. But, decreasing the temperature will help to cool the room faster. Please don’t do it.

Maintain constant temperature between 24 to 27 degrees. If you reduce it below 24 then for each degree there is a chance of increasing 6% of the power bill. You know what, the compressor has to work continuously till your room gets cool.

For instance, During winters the average room temperature will be around 24 to 30 degrees, right? You guys can even wear sweaters to get over from cool. The same happens here, You can maintain a constant temperature of around 24 degrees then surely your room gets cooled and you can find a change in your power bill too.

2. Don’t use ceiling fan at high speed

coming to the second tip, If your room is located at the top of the building or sun rays are falling directly to your rooftop then you have to keep one thing in your mind.

Guys, the Roof becomes hot with the effect of those direct falling of sun rays. So, while using the ac make sure that your ceiling fan is switched off. Let me make this more clear to you…

if your ceiling fan is turned on, Heat will be generated in between the fan and the ceiling. That heat will have come from the roof (ceiling). So, it will take some more time to cool the room that results in increased power consumption of AC too.

Also, At day times please don’t use ceiling fans while AC running and at night’s the temperature of room becomes some low. But, Run fan at 1 or 2 speed. It will be good and also saves power.

3. Run AC continuously with standard temperature for certain time

coming to the third one, some of us might think that, If we run Air Conditioner (AC) at some 18 degrees or 19 degrees then the room will be cool at low time so, it’s waste of running AC continuously for a long time.

But, they are completely wrong. Because if you keep temperature which is below the standard 24 degrees then the compressor will run continuously until the room temperature reaches.

Here the main thing is compressor will run for a long time if you operate the AC with below standard temperature. If compressor running time is more, undoubtedly your power bill will be high.

So, keep the standard temperature and use up to one or two hours until your room gets cool to reduce AC power consumption.

4. Ensure that your room is leakage free

coming to the fourth, make sure that there is no leak in ventilators or no holes for windows etc. Because if there is any gap then cooling air will left from your room easily.

If cool air is escaped through leakages then, compressor will run again to cool the room, Hope you got my point?

So, examine whether your room is free of out door leakages.

5. Use curtains at windows both Indoor & Outdoor

coming to fifth, Guys please use curtains. Most of us were already using curtains at windows in our room. The direct falling of sunlight will increase windows temperature.

That outdoor effect will result in indoor windows a bit. So to overcome this issue, just use curtains both in and out.

If we use curtains outdoor then sun rays would not fall directly on windows so there is a chance of reducing the temperature of the window. Simply, these curtains will act as a shield.

Finally, here one more point is use features like ECO mode, Sleep mode for additional power savings. You can find these modes in latest released AC’s.

I hope you guys got the answer for how to reduce ac power consumption. Please follow the above ac power saving tips and I am sure that you will see a change in your power bill.


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