The Best Iron Box For Home Use 2022


Iron Box is one of the essential appliances that helps us to look official and professional. Most of us were iron our clothes before going to any party or occasion.

Dress sense represents our behavior, personality. But, Which iron box is best? Well, you are at the right place if you wanna buy the best iron box online.

Now, get ready for any party with wrinkle-free clothes and enjoy the day like a professional. We are here to save your time and energy, with the best selected iron boxes for Indian home.

Iron Box WattageType
Bajaj DX-71000WDry Iron
Philips GC19051440WSteam Iron
Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP1000WDry Iron
Usha EI 16021000WDry Iron
Bajaj DX-61000WDry Iron
Philips HI1141000WDry Iron
Morphy Richards Inspira1000WDry Iron
Amazon Brand - Solimo1000WDry Iron

7 Best Iron Boxes For Indian Home

We took all the well-rated products from Amazon based on customer reviews and ratings. So, pick the best one from the below-listed iron boxes as per your need and as per your budget. Suggestions are always welcome and we highly appreciate your picks too. But, before gonna place an order just check with the Iron Box buying guide for the effective pick.

Types of Iron Box in India

There are 3 types of iron boxes available in India:

  • Dry Iron Box
  • Steam Iron Box
  • Travel Iron Box

I will explain each individually to get to know better about each iron box type.

Dry Iron Box:

Usually, dry irons are heavy in weight and low in cost. Still, you may find dry irons in most homes because olden days iron boxes are dry type. The advantage of the dry iron boxes are, they are cost-effective i.e. everyone can able to purchase them and the disadvantage is, Dry irons are not suitable for all type of clothes. It will give the best for soft clothes with fewer wrinkles and it is not compatible for heavy wrinkles.

Steam Iron Box:

This is the second type of iron box. You might observe in a laundry shop that a guy who irons clothes will sprinkle water drops on clothes while ironing. It is because of high wrinkles on clothes. Steam Iron Boxes are highly recommendable if you are using jeans, cotton, and polyester also high wrinkled clothes. But, steam irons are a bit expensive while compared to dry iron boxes. Performance-wise, Steam iron plays a vital role in ironing. You may not apply high stress to iron clothes like a dry iron box. It irons clothes with the help of vapor. For steam iron boxes you will get a place where you have to pour some water into it and while ironing this water will be converted into vapor/steam and delivers the best output.

Travel Iron Box:

Well, the name itself we can get to know that this iron box is only used by travelers and only suits for travel purpose. So, It is highly portable and low in weight, affordable too. One can simply carry this iron box in their bag while traveling.

I think now you guys at least got some knowledge about Iron Boxes. Now, will look into it in-depth.

What is Soleplate in Iron Box?

You can observe that for every iron box there will be one plate covered at bottom of it. It is called the soleplate of Iron Box. There are 3 types in it.

  • Aluminium Soleplate
  • Non-Stick Soleplate
  • Ceramic Soleplate

Now, will look into in-depth each soleplate type

Aluminium Soleplate:

It is not recommendable for better use, because its cost is affordable but this aluminum soleplate will stick to clothes if high heat is produced. Also, if this iron box with aluminum soleplate contacts with any shirt buttons, zips, etc soleplate might get scratches. It is not easy to clean and erase those scratches. Also, it is not suitable for all clothes. But, If your investment is low then, go for it.

Non-Stick Soleplate:

This plate will come with a combination of aluminum and metal. Coming to its price, It is also cost-effective, and it’s just a bit higher while compared to aluminum soleplate but you can grab this. Because, this will give you the best performance on ironing clothes.

Ceramic Soleplate:

It is also made up of a combination of aluminum and metal and comes with a ceramic coating. It will give the best when compared to aluminum and non-stick soleplates. Also, the ceramic soleplate iron box is high in price.

If you wanna invest a little then there is no chance for non-stick and ceramic so a dry iron box will be your choice so you must ensure that the following features were present in it.

Features we must look into while purchasing a dry iron box:

  • Make sure that there will be temperature control knob present any where in iron box to regulate temperature as per cloth type.
  • Also, Auto heat cutoff or automatic heat adjusting functionality to overcome sticking.

Features you should look into while purchasing a steam iron box:

  • Steam controlling button will be present in iron box for adjusting steam as per wrinkles on clothes. If wrinkles more then you should make iron box to out high vapor for eliminating wrinkles.
  • Also, make sure that water tube is perfect and there will be no leakage in it.

Now, I hope you guys have a good enough knowledge about iron boxes and their types in India.

Top Iron Box Brands In Indian Market

Morphy RichardsUK
Crompton GreavesIndia
Top Iron Box Brands


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