The price of citrus fruit Lemon stood at peak in India 2022

Lemon price India
Lemon price hike in India 2022
  • Sudden price increase of lemons during summer days.
  • On average a lemon costs around 5 Rs.
  • Vendors are happy with the price hike of lemons.

We often found lemon slices along with onion slices in biryani. Also, it is a very good helper in reducing heat in the human body. You might use lemons for curing skin problems, eliminating dandruff, etc. Due to their high usage, Lemons are widely available in every Indian bazaar. As I noted first, The price of lemon is 1 Rs. But, unfortunately now one lemon costs around, 5 to 10 Rs. It clearly shows, that there is a lot of change in prices over the past year.

Some of us may think that this sudden enhancement in price is due to the recent pandemic. However, other prime factors like unseasonal rainfall, environmental changes, and the price hike in petrol and diesel also few reasons. Transportation costs will surely take a step above if the fuel cost is raised. But, the happiest people are lemon vendors. Because since 10 years there is no such huge price stick to lemons. This may be a little affordable to middle-class families but, how about the situation of poverty or tribe?

Guess what, lemon robberies are happening in these days due to the raise in cost. It may sounds crazy, but this is the fact. In a nutshell, past year we can able to get up to 6 lemons for 10 rupees. But, now it’s hard to get a two. The situation might change than worse.

How many of you are fond of lemon drinks?

During the hottest days, lemon juice, lemon soda are the one which sky rocket the profits of juice shops or cool drink shops in India. Due to it’s cost effectiveness everyone used to have it. Yes, it does good for you. But, what now? Do you guys believe that the lemon soda cost around as cheap as 30 rupees. If not, definitely there will be no lemon!!

In fact, in some restaurants, they forgot lemons. Well, one thing I forgot to deliver is, In India mostly every home door is tied with a set of lemons. Not only the doors but also vehicles like cars and bikes too. But now, one should invest a little more to do the same traditionals. So, you can understand the drastic price change of lemons in India in the year 2022.

There may be a chance of lemon prices down in India during the rainy and monsoon seasons. Because of new harvests or ripening of lemons. Alright!! Now start planting a lemon tree.


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