Which type of chimney is best for Indian kitchen


First things first, The kitchen chimney is the best kitchen appliance to maintain a healthy kitchen environment. However, exhaust fans do their best to eliminate fumes, smoke, and odors in the kitchen but failed to compete with kitchen chimneys. Both appliances require proper cleaning and maintenance to function well.

best kitchen chimney type in India

Before purchasing any appliance one must have a good knowledge of it. The pros, cons, features and warranty period, etc. It’s nothing wrong with analyzing the appliance before spending amounts on it. If you are concerned about the price and you want to keep your kitchen healthy, it is recommended to purchase the kitchen exhaust fans in India in 2022.

This kitchen chimney buying guide will assist you in finding the right chimney that results in beautifying the kitchen walls and enhancing the kitchen health. So, the factors like suction power, size of the chimney, best chimney brand, warranty, filter type, and the chimney type are a must. Let us know more about the chimney types available in India.

Types of the chimney in India.

Ducting and the ductless chimney are the two chimney types that are manufactured according to their installation. Each

chimney type gives the best but all you need to know is which chimney type you need to buy for your kitchen?

  1. Ducting Kitchen Chimney- This type of kitchen chimney is installed with a pipe outlet to release the air from the kitchen. The air, fumes, and smokes in the kitchen will be absorbed by the ducting chimney and, the absorbed air is passed through the internal filters. Oil and grease will stick to the filters inside and the air releases out through the pipe. These chimneys are highly recommended for commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, etc. However, the ducting chimney is expensive it will deliver the best performance which leads the chef to cook with delight.
  1. Ductless Chimney- In a nutshell, ductless chimneys recirculate air. Similar to the ducting chimney, the absorption of air from the kitchen is the same. But, the air is passed through the charcoal filters. Then the smell, heat, and other substances are blocked by the filter. Fresh air is released into the kitchen.

Since it filters the air and releasing back into the kitchen, ductless chimneys don’t need any additional pipes. It makes, installation very easy. But, one should maintain these chimneys by cleaning filters well every 3 months at least.

Ductless chimneys are noisy because they work heavily. Since the air needs to be passed through the filters, the internal fans must run at a heavy speed. And, the fact that we

know is no appliance is perfect with all pros. Either it is a kitchen appliance or a home appliance.

Hence, if your family count is large purchase the best ducting kitchen chimney else one can go with ductless.

The following table will make these kitchen chimney types more clear to you.

Ducting ChimneyDuctless Chimney
Since it contains open vent to eliminate smokes, the suction power is high.It purifies the air and sent back to the kitchen, hence the suction power is low.
Nothing complex to use & maintain this chimneyAs we know, it circulates the air with the help of filters present in it. Proper cleaning of filters are much needed to function chimney without any defect.
Expensive Affordable to purchase
It will deliver huge performance result.Only suitable for minimal Indian kitchens
Complex installation, additional pipes & fitting work needed if the kitchen is not as expected.easier installation
Ducting vs Ductless Chimneys

No such chimney type is recommended for residential kitchen use. Because some may have the vast kitchen space and some not. So, Both chimney types are good for the usage and both will give their best result. So, choose the best chimney based on your family strength. which means, the count and also, the dishes you are going to cook.

But, It is recommended that, Ducted chimney must for the commercial kitchens. (Restaurants, Lounges, Bars, Hotels etc.)


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