What is BLDC Fan Technology and How BLDC Works?


The fan is the most common appliance that is used in every home. Without this appliance, we can’t survive during summer. Well, What is BLDC and How it works?

In previous days we used general fans with old motors (old technology-based). Still, we are using those but the fact behind is power consumption.

Before purchasing any electrical appliance, everyone will look into power consumption details like wattage, star rating like 3 stars or 5 stars, etc.

bldc fan technology
BLDC Fan Technology

As we are well aware that current technology is out of the box. Many appliances were came into market with lot of smart features which helps in reducing power bill, saving energy and time too.

The latest trending technology is utilized in current manufacturing fans. But, before going to know about our main topic let me give some knowledge about working of fans.

How does a Ceiling Fan Work?

The only thing we know is, If we switch on then power will be passed to the fan and automatically fan will be rotated. Am I Right?

Yes, Now but the actual working is follows…

A general fan contains parts like Electric Motor, down rod, housing, capacitor, and blade.

There will be different type of motors like Single phase induction motor, Brush less DC motor, etc. For instance, A motor in a remote control car(toy) is different from a motor in a ceiling fan.

Also, We know that two types of current like

  1. Direct Current- It is a current we get from the rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries (like storage)
  2. Alternating Current- Current coming from the power supply (In our Home).
brushed dc motor pic
Brushed DC Motor

Here, the Ceiling fan works with an alternating current so the motor used in it is Induction Motor (Single Phase Induction Motor). The working of this motor is as follows…

The basic things we can observe inside a motor are

  1. connecting wires- Current flow through these wires to the winding set of copper coils.
  2. Rotor- Rotating or moving part
  3. Stator- It is a stationary part in the fan which doesn’t move.
  4. Winding- A set of copper wires are wrapped around steel bars or laminations.
  5. Housing- External Covering Unit Material
  6. Capacitor- It is responsible to start a fan

Now, without entering into in depth theory, I will conclude with a simple sentence.

When we turn on a fan, Alternating Current is passed into winding core (copper winding is done vice versa of clock and anti-clock wise) and then magnetic field will be created. Simply, A motor will convert electrical energy into a mechanical energy.

Finally, Fan will start rotating. So, here the working principle is Electro Magnetic Induction.

How BLDC Fan works?

The main motive of using BLDC is saving energy. Well, what is bldc?

yes, the expansion of BLDC is a Brushless DC motor. No brushes will be present in between the stator and rotor. But in Brushed DC Motor, brushes will be present in between stator and rotor. So, a lot of power also wasted.

That’s why you might observe this thing, When you run the fan for a long time and after switching off if you touch the fan you may feel hot right? This is because of brushes.

Since there are no brushes present in BLDC Motor so no heat will be generated in ceiling fans thus, lifetime of BLDC fans are more also power will be saved.

bldc circuit
BLDC Circuit

Above is the BLDC circuit which is placed over the smart Fan, Here the main parts of BLDC drive are SMPS, Micro controller, Inverter and Motor.

  • SMPS helps to convert Alternating current into direct current
  • Microcontroller- It is the main device that helps to receive remote signals from the end-user
  • Inverter- It functions based on the input from the remote.

Simply, when we turn on the fan SMPS will convert AC to DC then the microcontroller will receive an input signal from the remote and it is sent to the inverter then finally, Fan will start rotating.

So now, this BLDC technology is using in Fans (IoT enabled) and the main advantage is we can operate them with help of remote and our android mobiles too.

Also, the primary advantage is power saving. You can save power up to 60% while compared to old fans.

Finally, I can conclude that BLDC Fans are energy efficient. Some of the popular BLDC smart Fan brands are Atomberg Gorilla, Orient, Crompton, etc.


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