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best geyser for bathroom
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Not all Geysers suits for bathrooms, but which geyser is best for bathroom? One can select the right geyser easily by looking into a particular geyser buying guides and reviews. But, It is not easy to select the type of geyser because there are various geyser types was available in the market.

One should have the base knowledge on each and every type to buy the best geyser for bathroom. Well, I will surely explain to you the things very clearly to put a full stop to our question “Which Geyser is best for bathroom?”

We all know that Geysers are the most used appliances in every home especially in the winter seasons. By the way, having a great hot water shower is also one of the best tips to protect ourselves in this pandemic situation.

“The utmost objective of a geyser is to give hot water within a short period of time by consuming electricity or gas.”

Optimal and The Best Geyser Recommendations

AO Smith HSE-SDS-15Storage Geyser
Bajaj New ShaktiStorage Geyser
Havells InstanioInstant Geyser
Bajaj FloraInstant Geyser
American MicronicAMI-WHM3-25LDxStorage Geyser
V-Guard Victo 15 LStorage Geyser
Havells Monza ECStorage Geyser
Usha MISTY GEYSER Storage Geyser
V-GuardVicto Plus Storage Geyser

Before moving into the Best Geyser recommendations, Will know about all geysers a bit.

Types of Geyser water heaters available in market

Storage, Instant, Horizontal & Vertical, Immersion water heater, and Gas Geysers are the various types of geysers available in the Indian market.

Some of the best rated geyser brands are Bajaj, Crompton, Havells, Racold, AO Smith, and V-Guard. Let us take a look of each geyser individual in depth.

Also, I will suggest the list of best in each type of geysers.

Best Instant Geyser Water Heater In India

As the name suggests, It will heat water instantly without any delay up to its capacity. Though it doesn’t contain any internal water tank so, the life span is a bit high while compared to the storage geysers.

Actually, Instant geysers produce hot water instantly and these are capable for dishwashing, hand wash. But, you need to purchase the geyser with at least 6 liters of capacity for bucket bathing.

up to some time, it will produce hot water instantly but later you may wait up to some time to get the hot water flow again. Let me make it more clear to you,

Instant water heaters/geysers mostly purchased with 1-3 liters of capacity. If your family having 3 nos then, this will enough to have a bucket bath. But, If there are 4 or more then you should move to storage ones.

Coming to its power consumption, it will be quite low while compared to storage geysers because it doesn’t have any tank to heat water for some time. But, I can say that power consumption may vary according to the geyser brands. Because each company will set a dedicated temperature for Instant geyser which we can’t control the temperature manually.

In a nutshell, I can say that power consumption of a geyser depends on its capacity and wattage.

Best Storage Geyser water heater in India

Storage geyser, the name reflects its role. These geysers come up with a storage tank starting from 6 liters to 35 liters. Here water flow is constant but, we have to wait until water gets heated.

Usually, Time taken to heat water in storage geysers were completely depends upon the water tank capacity. If the tank capacity is large then absolutely, Geyser will take more time to heat water.

Also, If the wattage is more then there might be a chance to heat water within a short period of time. In storage geysers, the ultimate advantage is the entire family can have a bucket bath.

The below picture will help you to have an idea about choosing the geyser tank capacity

geysers buying guide
Geyser buying guide

Here the disadvantage of storage geyser is, Though it is having a tank so, more power will require to heat water in a tank. But, it is fact and known thing we can neglect this con.

Here, power consumption will be high while compared to instant geysers and also life span is low. Water tank may get rusted after usage of few years. We can avoid issues by choosing the right geyser with all the best features like anti-rust, copper heating element, metal body or glass body, auto-cut off, etc.

Also, these geysers require more space in your bathroom rather than the instant ones. But anyway it also depends upon the brand, model & capacity you are going to choose.

Best Horizontal Geyser water heater in India

Some of the bathrooms are very enough in size and even not able to manage a geyser to fit inside. In these case, Horizontal water heater plays key role. Because the name itself we can observe that, This geyser will be attached horizontally to the bathroom wall.

This is compact in size and simply fits to any Indian bathroom. You can have a hassle free hot shower. Horizontal geysers were come up with a storage types.

Some of the popular horizontal geyser brands are Racold, American Micronic, havells, AO Smith, Usha, V-Guard, etc.

The one and only goal of manufacturing this horizontal geyser water heater is space adjustment in bathrooms. Like all geysers the functionality is same. Which means heating water but, In case of false ceiling and low ceiling bathrooms vertical geysers won’t fit so, Horizontal geysers are used.

Best Gas Geyser in India

Gas geysers works without electricity. Some gas geysers work with LPG and some with PNG too. Well, You just need to purchase a geyser from the online stores and then you need a cylinder to make working.

But, you need a perfect ventilation to install this gas geysers. Because if there is any leakage issue then without proper ventilation the gas stuck inside the bathroom and it will leads to dangerous situations.

Also, At the time of gas geyser functioning harmful gases also evolved so we can get rid from these gases by having a open ventilation, windows.

Although it is quite dangerous to use, taking the essential precautions one can use it safely. So, the major advantage here is Since it works with the help of gas it doesn’t depend on electricity.

So, Gas geysers work irrespective of electricity.

Best Immersion rod water heater in India

Finally, An Immersion rod water heaters are available at a cheap cost. One can easily purchase it in an online store or offline.

My suggestion is, Please don’t use an immersion water heater if kids in your home. The company mentions that Immersion heaters are shockproof but no one can judge at any cost you may get shocked if you are careless.

So, Avoid using immersion rod water heaters. But, the only advantage of it is cost. Just you need to fill the bucket with water that too not fully.

Then, you can place the immersion rod carefully. You know what, avoid using the plastic buckets because they will melt due to high temperatures.

Once you turned the switch on then, do not move nearer and do not try to interact with the bucket to test whether water is hot or not.

Power consumption also high. But, you can purchase this if you are a hostel guy or a bachelor.

Also, Avoid using the immersion rod if there is a rust on heating coils. (rings)

which geyser is best gas or electric?

According to me, Electric geysers are best. Because purchasing the best geyser in India is not an issue but, safety is important right !!

Well, Gas geysers doesn’t require an electricity but they need a gas cylinder. They wont fit for all type of bathrooms. Even though they are energy efficient but while comparing with electric geyser, safety & functionality electric geyser plays a vital role.

Let me contrast wide difference between them.

Electric GeyserGas Geyser
It will take more time to reheat water while compared to Gas geysersGas geysers will reheat water instantly without any delay
Only works with electricityNo electricity needed
May lasts up to 12 years on averageHere also same but, additionally 2 to 3 years
No heat lossHeat loss
May suits for all bathrooms (Mostly)Doesn’t fit all bathrooms
More expensesFewer Expenses
electric geyser vs gas geyser

Best Geyser for bathroom in India 2021

  • Instant Geyser- Best for dish-washing, Hand wash, and most suitable for the kitchen to wash utensils. For a bucket bath purchase at least 6L of Instant Geyser.
  • Storage Geyser- Best for bucket bathing. But we have to wait for some time for hot water. (It will take some time to reheat water)
  • Gas Geyser- Higher life span which works with the help of LPG / PNG. It will heat water instantly.
  • Horizontal Geyser- Functionality is the same and water heating time depends on tank storage and wattage. But, perfectly suits false ceilings, flats. (Space optimization)
  • Immersion Rod Water Heater- Simply, Affordable by anyone. Cheap on cost but only use this if you are a hostler or living alone.

So, From the above terms it is more clear that- Storage Geysers, Horizontal Geysers are the best geyser types for bathrooms. You can even go for Gas Geysers if interested.

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Well, I hope you all got an Idea about choosing the best geyser for bathroom. But, keep in mind that heavy storage will consume more power and ensure that the heating element is copper. Also, Importantly check whether auto cut off, pressure release valve, blast safety, filters, Alarm, anti-rust, etc features. Make sure that warranty would be at least a year.

That’s All, Keeping the above points into account and select the best geyser in India. Showers !!

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