Which type of exhaust fan is best for kitchen?

Have you ever felt irritated in the kitchen while cooking some hard dishes? I know it is a big yes!! Well, Some of the kitchens may not even have the proper ventilation. Most modern home kitchens were installed with kitchen chimneys to make the kitchen room environment comfortable. If the kitchen is cool and relieved, the taste of dishes will make you fly into heaven. Not only the taste but also the zeal to cook will be enhanced.

kitchen exhaust fan
kitchen exhaust fans in India

If you are willing to invest more for your modern kitchen then purchasing the kitchen chimney would be the wise choice else you may choose one of the best kitchen exhaust fans in India to make your kitchen healthy. Also, If hard dishes are routine eliminate buying the exhaust fan. Consider buying an exhaust fan only if the kitchen is cooked with normal dishes and a rare of hard dishes. So, before purchasing the exhaust fan you should consider some details about it.

However, the ultimate aim of an exhaust fan is to keep the kitchen healthy and comfortable for cooking. All exhaust fans are not similar and they differ in their features. Some of the important features you must look into while purchasing an exhaust fan for kitchen are Air delivery, blade material, size, level of sound, and power consumption.

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan Buying Guide 2022

As stated above, we will look into some essential features of kitchen exhaust fans in detail. This buying guide will help you know about exhaust fans and makes it easier to choose the best kitchen exhaust fan as per your price and need.

Exhaust fan size for kitchen

The size of an exhaust fan depends upon the size of the kitchen. For an optimal kitchen (10 x 9 x 8) a basic 12-inch exhaust fan is quite enough. Since the dishes are not soo hard, a 12-inch exhaust fan will eliminate the smoke and fumes in the kitchen and turns the kitchen environment to cool. Large-sized exhaust fans are usually installed in commercial hotels and large family restaurants. They are well-suitable since restaurants are meant to cook every second.

industry exhaust fan
Large Exhaust Fans in Factories & Industries

Also, You might observe some strangely shaped rotors on the roof of some large-scale industries or factories. Those are also known as exhaust fans but the installation will be done in a different way. Normal exhaust fans are wall-mounted but exhaust fans in companies are ceiling-mounted since a large amount of heat will be generated.

So, one can choose the exhaust fan as per their kitchen room size, and dishes.

Material of exhaust fan blades

The material used while manufacturing will decide the life span of an exhaust fan. Here, metal and plastic will be used. So, for kitchen exhaust fans you must prefer buying metal fans. Because exhaust fans eliminate airborne grease, smoke, and smells from the kitchen, their built material should be strong.

Metal Exhaust Fans - Kitchen Rooms 
Plastic Exhaust Fans - Bathrooms 
"You may also prefer plastic blade exhaust fans for kitchen, only if dishes are light"

But, timely cleaning and maintenance are needed for an exhaust fan to keep it healthy and functioning. Since it is metal, blades will turn to rust, and eventually, the exhaust fan will be damaged. You might have a question that where the plastic exhaust fans will be used?

Yes, you can purchase them for a bathroom. The temperature inside the bathroom is lower than the temperature inside the kitchen room also, it is very high in the kitchen while cooking hard dishes.

Power consumption of an exhaust fan

As simple as the more usage the more rise in electricity bill. So, if your dishes are regular hard then choosing the commercial and large exhaust fan will be the best else your gonna end up with large numbers in your bill since the normal exhaust fans have to run for a very long than usual to eliminate heat and make the room cool.

Air Delivery of an exhaust fan

The faster the fan spins the larger the dirt eliminates from the kitchen. High-speed and heavy-duty exhaust fans consume more energy. But, instead of confusing my only suggestion is “make sure that the ventilation is good, If it is, prefer buying the medium-sized exhaust fan i.e; 12-inch.

If power consumption is a concern, prefer good ventilation first and later install an exhaust fan. Else, there is a kitchen chimney there is no need of buying a kitchen exhaust fan and absolutely kitchen will be super cool.

Essential Factors to consider while purchasing a kitchen exhaust fan 2022

  1. Ensure that the material of the fan blade should be metal and that proper cleaning and maintenance would be required for the longer life span. You may also choose plastic but, the quality should be the best, and the life span is questionable.
  2. Mesh should be installed to prevent sudden or unexpected contact with the sharp blades of an exhaust fan.
  3. Since it is a residential area purchase the best exhaust fan with the noise-less feature.
  4. Instead of purchasing blindly, spend some time studying exhaust fans and there is no wrong to read before spending money. Choose the best exhaust fan for the Indian kitchen as per your actual requirement. It surely optimizes power consumption.
  5. Make sure to choose only the residential fans and no commercial or heavy-duty ones.
  6. Do not use metal fans for bathrooms.
  7. Ensure that there should be at least a 1-year warranty must.

Final Words:

Exhaust fans play a great role in eliminating heat, dirt, grease, and fumes from the kitchen. So, you should know the basic info about an exhaust fan before purchasing it. Some of the popular kitchen exhaust fan brands are Havells, Luminous, Usha, and Crompton. Buy anyone from it as per your need. For your comfort, I sorted a list of the best kitchen exhaust fans in India 2022 above, hope you saw it. I hope this guide gave you better knowledge and I would love to write another article about cleaning and maintaining an exhaust fan in detail. Thanks!

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