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Which type of yoga mat is best in India 2022?

The term YOGA is most familiar to the Indian people. Different types of yoga mats are available in the Indian market and are designed with various material types. If you are a yoga lover or new to yoga, You might look to buy the best yoga mat in India. But, It is not just a yoga mat, It is the one that makes you feel comfortable while doing the yoga, and also drives you to do yoga regularly. You should have a minimum knowledge regarding yoga mats to choose the best from the bunch in the market.

Best yoga mats India 2022

Characteristics like Yoga mat size, durability, the material used, yoga mat type, length of the mat, weight, etc. We already framed the list of best yoga mats 2022. But, we recommend you read this yoga mat buying guide to make choices easier.

Things to consider while buying a yoga mat in India 2022

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1. Material type of yoga mats

There are six types of yoga mats available in the Indian market. Let us discuss each,

  • Rubber yoga mats
  • PVC yoga mats
  • Jute yoga mats
  • Cotton yoga mats
  • TPE yoga mats
  • Foam Yoga Mats

Material is the first factor we should look into while purchasing the yoga mat. Because, it describes how long the mat will be durable and how to use, and manage the mat. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) mats are premium in quality and can be durable for years. But, due to the high trend of using natural products, People are started using yoga mats that are made up of Cotton, Jute, etc.

Rubber Yoga Mats

These mats are suggested for beginners. Even though the material is natural, some of us are anti to rubber. Because it might cause some allergic or itching problems. If this is the cause, then one can prefer purchasing the organic cotton yoga mat. As we are well aware, Rubber gives the grip. For instance, You might observe a cricket bat handle that is worn with a rubber grip. It is because of sturdiness. So that the batsmen can hold it well without any slippery issues. So, While doing yoga you have to perform different asanas. To implement each asana well, The surface must not be slippery. So, Rubber yoga mats will assist you in providing the best grip on your hands & legs.

Since the material is rubber, regular cleaning is mandatory. Because, dust, dirt, and sweat will be seated on the mat. If you are failed to maintain it properly, It won’t give you the clench. One last thing, It might cause impression marks on your body if you apply much pressure while doing yoga.

PVC Yoga Mats

However, the material PVC is much more durable this yoga mat does not suit all people. It is not an environmentally friendly yoga mat and it is not recommendable to people who are suffering from asthma & breathing problems. Well, people who are with latex allergies can prefer purchasing this PVC mat, because PVC yoga mats are latex-free.

If we observe the negative side, since the material is plastic, It doesn’t absorb sweat. if you are a sweaty guy then this yoga mat is not suitable for you. The only thing positive in it is durable and easy to clean.

Jute Yoga Mats

Nowadays the material jute is used in many products such as Jute Bags, Sanitary napkins, and now the Jute yoga mats. Since it is highly eco-friendly people are preferring to purchase these jute yoga mats. However, these are only opt for some yoga asanas. Jute yoga mats are not much comfortable if we compare them with rubber or PVC mats.

The only reason why people prefer to buy these jute yoga mats are, Naturally made and highly eco-friendly.

Cotton Yoga Mats

The name itself is the comforts, as we prefer wearing cotton clothes in the summer seasons to absorb sweat. The same scenario plays here. This means, That cotton yoga mats are organic but not as durable as PVC or rubber yoga mats. Also, they are expensive but, cotton mats will give much comfort.

The texture and feel of this cotton yoga mat are similar to the cotton blanket which we use in our home. So, these cotton yoga mats are quite common in every Indian household. Since it is cotton, beware of food, and drink stains.

TPE Yoga Mats

Thermoplastic Elastomer Yoga Mats are recommended to the ones who are not regular in yoga. The texture, quality, and size everything is well. Super smooth and relaxable yoga mat easy to manage and clean. Also, these are light in weight. But, while compared to the above yoga mat types, TPE mats are eco-friendly. The best part with these TPE mats is, cost-effective.

Foam Yoga Mats

However, It is a mixture of materials, Foam yoga mats are better natural than PVC mats. These are also eco-friendly and can weigh more according to the thickness of the mat. It gives the same level of comfort similar to the usual PVC yoga mats. One can surely buy these foam yoga mats to practice yoga regularly. Mostly, these foam mats are budget-friendly.

2. Thickness and size of yoga mat

To experience body comfort, You should buy a yoga mat with a large and optimum thickness. Because the amount of comfort is directly proportional to the thickness of the yoga mat.

Guess what, the thickness of the mat should be neutral and optimal. Let me make it more clear to you, If the thickness of the mat is huge, you may not able to connect your feet to the ground. In clear words, While performing standing asanas you may not get the proper control due to the over thickness. On the other hand, if the yoga mat is too thin, your body parts might get suffer due to direct contact with the ground. So, ensure that, the thickness of the yoga mat is not high and not low. It should be neutral.

Let us dive depth-

2mm Yoga MatThese yoga mats are thin and only suitable for those who perform standing asanas, and yogas. Because They need proper contact with the earth. However, thin yoga mats give less comfort.
3mm Yoga MatStandard yoga mats are thicker and suitable for beginners those who practice yoga daily. It gives the best comfort and one can switch from one pose to other with ease.
6mm Yoga MatThis yoga mat is comfortable for the asanas related to muscles. Also, suitable for all asanas which need to apply much pressure. But, not suitable for standing and balancing asanas.
12mm Yoga MatA lot of negatives and not comfortable for all asanas. Carrying it and maintaining it is hard. You may not even perform the standard and basic asanas also. But, it might prefer fatty guys.
Yoga Mat Suggestion India 2022

While coming to the size of a yoga mat, The basic size of a yoga mat is 6 x 2 feet which cover the entire body. But, longer mats are ideal for children, adults, and olds.

3. Durability & Texture of yoga mat

To avoid losing the structure of the yoga mat within the initial days of purchase, you should buy the best yoga mat in India. But, It depends on how regular you are. As I mentioned above, If you are a regular consider purchasing the rubber yoga mat. Eco-friendly mat also plays a vital role in life span. But, I recommend you choose the best yoga map with rubber or jute material. As we saw, rubber mats are strong and stretchy, and durable. Also, Jute mats are highly natural and contain a good life span.

The texture is the most important factor, We need a good grip to do asanas. Without the grip, you may not even perform a single asana except sleep. So, Some mats come with an anti-slippery feature that means whenever you perform some asanas the sweat from your body may rest on the mat and you might get a slippery moment. But, if there is an anti-slippery mat one can get rid of this issue. So, rubber & TPE mats are the best in providing good texture/grip.


I hope the info is quite enough to get you to know about the yoga mats. We framed a list of best yoga mats in India 2022 to purchase. All suggestions are genuine and taken from the reviews & ratings of Amazon. If there is any item you need to be listed, kindly comment below, or if you are still confused to purchase the best as per your budget and thought. Happy International Yoga Day (:



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