Which water purifier is good for health

There are several types of water purifiers in India but which water purifier is good for health? Water purifier is one of the efficient machines in every Indian home for water purification.

Air and Water are the two major essentials to continue our living in this world. In fact, we can also consider food into our account but we can survive without food but not water right !!

Both were polluted due to several reasons like the Industrial effect, Increase in population count, tons of chemical wastage dump into rivers, etc.

which water purifier is good for health
about water purifier

You might have heard a term called RO Water Purifier. In present days, a lot of water purifiers were released to market with different technical names. But, Most of us were failed to grab the right water purifier.

We should consider drinking purified and chemical-free water for better health and living. Does water purifiers really good for health?

I will explain about water purifiers clearly and I optimized the content for easier understanding. Will look into water purifier types initially. Later, I will conclude which water purifier is best.

Different types of Water Purifiers in India

Water purifiers are divided into 5 types based on purification methods and techniques.

  1. RO water purifier (Reverse Osmosis)
  2. UV water purifier (Ultraviolet)
  3. UF water purifier (Ultra Filtration)
  4. Sediment Filter
  5. Activated Carbon

But, which water purifier is good for health? Well, now will look into each type of water purifier in depth…

What is RO Water Purifier?

RO in water purifier is Reverse Osmosis. Here Reverse Osmosis is a method or a technology used in RO water purifier to purify water by eliminating salts, chlorine, lead, arsenic, etc.

Reverse Osmosis RO water purifier process
RO Water Purifier Working Process

From the above figure you can observe how water is purifying through semipermeable membrane. But, What is a semipermeable membrane? I will tell you with ease,

A semipermeable membrane is like a pipe with small holes. Diameter of each hole would be 0.0001 microns. 

Interesting right !! Just assume if water flows with a high speed through this membrane what happens means, all the impurities in water will be separated and eliminated through the tiny holes thus pure water is resulted.

You can observe the above figure clearly for proper understanding. RO water purifiers are considered as the best water purifiers in India. But, Lot were failed of purchasing this.

Here the interesting fact is, RO water purifier is not compatible for all. One must buy water purifier according to their location & water status.

We can get pure water by using this RO water purifier. But this filtered water doesn’t contain any minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium. Yes, these minerals are also escaped along with the impurities.

But, how to choose the right water purifier for home? You might got this question in your mind right. Cool, you will get to know answer for this soon.

  • The primary advantage of RO Water Purifier is, It will remove heavy metals like lead, arsenic, chlorine, fluoride easily due to its micro holes and successful in giving pure water.
  • The disadvantage of RO Water Purifier is, It will remove necessary minerals and also it produces huge waste water.
RO water is so pure but it doesn't contain nutrients, we can say that RO water is Distilled water

What is UV Water Purifier?

Ultra Violet water purifier or UV water purifier is a chemical free water purification technology which is used to remove harmful bacteria, virus and salts present in water.

During the cycle it doesn’t uses any chemicals, Just water flow through UV tube kills germs. Because, Ultra Violet light kills bacteria.

UV water purifier
UV Water Purification Process

From the above figure you can observe,

UV Water Purification Process

  1. The first step is pumping dirty water into the system
  2. Secondly water moves into the UV medium
  3. Then bacteria & viruses are killed under the UV light.
  4. Finally the purified fresh water left from the system.

Simple step process and easier to understand.

Here germs are killed and remains in water there is no further filtration will be done. You can have that water, No issues because germs were already killed. 
  • The advantage of UV water purifiers is low power consumption, low maintenance cost and unlike RO water purifiers they will keep the essential minerals in the water.
  • The disadvantage of a UV water purifier is even though it kills bacteria without any chemical interaction. It is not sure that, all germs were killed. There is a possibility to redevelop the bacteria. And, it is not effective for the high TDS level.

Ultra Violet water purifier is good for health Because it kills germs and bacteria present in water without changing the color and taste of water.

UF (Ultra Filtration) Water Purifier, What is UF in Water Purifier?

UF or Ultra Filtration is a water purification technique which is quite similar to RO water purifier but the difference between is RO can eliminate all the germs including minerals due to the presence of very minute diameter holes on the membrane.

But, here in UF, Ultra Filtration, Purification done by layers.

UF water purifier
UF water purifier filtration process

From the above figure you can see that, initially raw water is passed through the membrane. Then, screening process is done.

Later sand particles will be separated from water. Here, The membrane consists diameter up to 10 microns. Well, then micro-filtration is done for bacterial removal.

Lastly, Ultra Filtration is done for elimination of virus and some other bacterial particles from water. But you may not get the fine rate of water here while compare to UV and RO Technologies.

Though its failed to remove impurities and salts from the water. It is recommended to use at low chemical water locations. So, that you can have a fresh water.
  • Advantage of UF water purifier is, It works without electricity and It is mostly capable to use in the cities where water pollution is quite low. Longer life span and chemical free operation.
  • Disadvantage of UF water purifier is, It doesn’t work with hard water. Also, it doesn’t kill germs too. It just eliminates the bacteria. Though it is built with filters, you have to clean water purifier frequently.

Activated Carbon Water Purifier

carbon water purifier
activated carbon

It is completely made up of carbon which means the combination of coal, wood and shells. Simply it is made up of charcoal. Activated carbon removes chemicals in water. But, this is not much effective than the top methods.

In a word, Chemicals in the water stick to the activated carbon and rest water moves into the tank.

  • We cannot mention whether it is best or worse. But the advantage of activated carbon water purifier is it blocks chemicals and also makes water good.
  • If you are failed to clean the filters, bacteria will grow very fast also, it doesn’t remove salts.

Sediment Filter

It is not a water purifier, just a filter which is pre-used filter in RO and UV filtration. This Sediment filter just collects the dust and visible molecules present in water.

Actually, using sediment filter as a pre filter in UV or RO techniques. It will surely, enhance the life span of water purifier.

sediment filter
Sediment Filter

These are usually made up with polyester fibers and cotton. But this is not effective for complete water filtration.

No specific advantages and disadvantages here but using this as a pre-filter will surely increase the life of water purifier and also purification makes easier.

Simply I can say that it doesn’t removes any dust or hard chemicals like salts. But it will remove dust and mud particles from water.

What is TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Solvents like salts, chlorine, fluorine, iron etc are mixed in water and the technical term is TDS and the expansion is Total Dissolved Salts.

Based on the TDS level we have to choose the best water purifier. As per Indian government and WHO the TDS level of water is given below.

TDS water chart
TDS Chart

One can easily measure the TDS level of water by using a simple device called TDS Meter.

  • If the TDS value is more, then you should prefer RO water purifier which works effectively.
  • If you were living in the villages then most probably you can go for either UV or UF water purifiers that are good for your health.

RO vs UV vs UF

Reverse OsmosisUltra VioletUltra Filtration
Electricity needed to workElectricity neededNo need of electricity
Removes all germs & necessary minerals too. It is distilled water.Kills all germs but there is no additional purification for separation of germ bodies.Using filters it blocks all germs and chemicals.
Removes saltsfailed to remove saltsfailed to remove salts
pre-filtration is presentpre-filtration is absent works effectively with muddy water


So, I hope you got little knowledge of water purifiers. I can say that For metropolitan cities RO Water Purifies plays a vital role so, RO water purifier is good for health for cities. And the rest can choose either UV or UF water purifiers as per the TDS level of water. So, select the best water purifier for a good health !!

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